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The Joy of Tomorrow

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The Joy of Tomorrow

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:47 pm

Samantha Steel has every right to feel happy, to feel like things couldn't have gone better tonight. She walks through the hallways with her back straight, head held high, oozing with confidence--just some of the many perks earned with a sound victory over a bitter rival.

An interviewer manages to catch up with Steel just before she heads into the locker room and asks what that victory means for her. Steel chuckles as she processes the question, that curt laugh almost answer enough. Finally, she responds with a smirk that now almost seems like a permanent fixture on her face.

Just take a look at me; I feel great! I feel this huge sense of relief at putting Joy Justice behind me once and for all. And now...

And now she feels like she can do anything...like she can win the Undisputed Championship, even.

Steel clenches her jaw and crosses her arms over her chest. Oblivious, or just good at playing dumb, Skarzemis continues on.

She feels like there is nothing sadder than watching Joy just......throw everything away. But how can we feel sorry for you anymore, Joy, when you just keep making the same mistakes over and over and over and o--

We get it.

--ver again? You thought Valderiss could save you, and she couldn't. She didn't. Together you thought you would be unstoppable, a real force of nature that would lay waste to everything, except the storm that was promised was only a drizzle! She let you down and disappointed you...just like everyone of your friends and family that has come before. You pray to your gods, you perform your rituals and leave your sacrifices on their altars and they laugh when you're just out of earshot.

They laugh, Joy!

They laugh!

Ha ha HA! Something like that, but more god-like, I imagine.

They laugh and they think, "What a fool! How can we help someone who can't even help themself?" Just look at what you did, Joy. Look at how you set yourself for failure: you knew Sammy was coming. You knew she would give anything to PUNCH you so hard that your head flies into some guy's popcorn! And while she was training night and day, you were trying to court Susy.

Skar giggles and starts playing with one of her ponytails.

I can't blame ya, though; she's real pretty. She's also the reason why you were focusing on a beautiful happily ever after and let the present get so ugly. Now tomorrow's not so guaranteed for you, is it? I spent so much time wondering where it all went wrong for you, but I can't pinpoint when someone with so much talent and potential for greatness took the first wrong step that led her so off course.

All that's for certain is that that misstep lead you here. To us. Hopefully, we put you out of your misery! See, when you're curled up in Susy's arms and she looks down into your eyes, she'll know what you are...who you are...a failure. Better she find out right off the bat than after the wedding! That's what I always say, at least.

What hurts so much is that I tried to help you, Joy. But you fought back. You resisted when you should have embraced it all.

Look at Rory!

I saved her!

I made her better!

All that's left is for her to become what you could never be...

A success.

Skar turns to Steel who is looking increasingly more agitated as the seconds tick on, though again Skar proceeds as though there's nothing wrong.

And Sammy is gonna be world champion. Tonight isn't about just tying up loose ends...we also get to see the lucky lady! Crowing a champion in the main event is background noise, for us that match will paint the bullseye on the victim.

Tomorrow is closer than you think.

Skar laughs and skips off...Steel doesn't follow.

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