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Let it sink in

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Let it sink in

Post by Decided Villain on Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:21 am

CMV Presents: Oblivion  (CMV EXCLUSIVE)

Kristen is seen kicking things all over the hallway as the main event continues in the background, briefcase in hand. Lisa Evans tries to catch up with her but stops. Allowing Kristen to continue her slight rampage. Kristen stops to breathe. You can hear the ring bell go off the the roar of the crowd as a new champion is crowned. Kristen appears to soak it all in, looking at the ceiling. She then looks to her briefcase, her golden ticket to the top, and turns around to see the camera crew.

Kristen looks at them with her head tilted. She walks towards them as Lisa Evans carefully raises the microphone. Kristen stops to speak.

Kristen Page : Do you thinnnnkkkk I should go out there? Should I ruin her moment? Unlike others, I don't need to prove that I'm the bessssst in the industry. I have my way to the top and I can use it anytime I want... I did what I wanted to do out there and that was hurt people. Hurt themmmm hahahaha and I succeeded! Now what's going to happen is they're going to bicker and argue and I'm going to watch it allllll unfold. I strike when I want to strike. And now I have nothing left to do other then wait hahaha

Kristen rolls her eyes

Kristen Page : She's out there right now, not thinking about the future, who's next, how she is, how everyone feels. She's taking it in and doesn't even know the consequences of what she just did. I applaud you Divine. But at the same time I laugh hahahahahaaaa and I spit in your face. You should always be thinking, always be planning not pandering to them. You make me sick, Divine... I'll let you have this moment. Let it sink in. Remember this day. There'll never be one like it again.

Kristen turns back around and walks down the hallway. The camera fades to black.


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