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Godly PR

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Godly PR

Post by KrisSully on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:06 pm

-Kevin Silva walks around backstage at Genesis-

Lisa: Excuse me Mr Silva? May I have a word? You've been awfully quiet as of late, any comment why?

-Silva looks down at Lisa, then furrows his brow-

Silva: I have been in talks with someone. Someone who seeks to take me to the top. And will help me win the Rising Star Championship. I have seen my former partner rising to fame. I will not be outdone by that vanilla midget and his hooligan friends. I am the Portuguese God of Wrestling. She will help me. She will guide me to glory.

Lisa: Who is "she"...

Silva: Enough of your ignorant questions. Go leave me alone. Weakling.

-Silva turns and walks away leaving Lisa speechless-

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