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Flash and Fury

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Flash and Fury

Post by KrisSully on Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:20 pm

-Shortly after the main event of Reality-
-an lone cameraman waits backstage-
-The Brass Ring Club enters the backstage area-

Sully: Boys we kicked ass tonight. Fury you deserve a drink. Eh bud?

Fury: Do I ever. And we finally got to to see some "Flash and Fury" tonight.

Flashyy: What about that good ol "Ringbreaker" though? Sully and I make one hell of a team.

Cameraman: Uh hello BRC?...

-All three men turn their attention towards the cameraman:

Sully: Yo! Buddy, what up? You saw that right? You saw Fury pin "1/4" of the Tag Team Champions?

Cameraman: Yes I did. But I was wondering, which of the three of you will represent the Club in 4 weeks at Regicide?

-All three men look back and forth at each other-

Sully: Well, I think, no matter what, Fury is gonna be captaining that team.

Fury: And who's my second?...

Flashyy: Well, I don't get to team up very often.

Sully: Yes, he's got a point. And you two looked dope as hell hittin that cutter of yours. I think that team could pick up the victory.

Fury: We just need to make sure that it's not three v four at Regicide though...

Sully: Hey if I'm not in the Tag Team Title match, I could distract one of the Ballers...

Cameraman: Sorry to interrupt...

Sully: Hold on, masterminds at work.

Fury: You sure you wanna do that?

Sully: As long as both extra members aren't at ringside, then it'll be worth it. There's a ninety percent chance you'll face Diamond and Cross. So I'll distract Henderson. Or the new guy. Mateo.

Fury: And odd man out?

Flashyy: We could ask Sampson?

Sully: So let's do that. Uh we'll talk later buddy.

Fury: We got some work to do...

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