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I beg 7 deities

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I beg 7 deities

Post by Bloody_justice on Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:03 pm

It was before oblivion and we see joy sitting in her locker room without her fave paint on and in front of her was 7 stone spider statue with ruby eyes and behind joy stood bloody justice and he looked slightly tired himself but he knew what he had to do

Bloody Justice
Join me sister in prayer to the 7 spider deitiesĀ 

Oh Lord pennywise
Bless your daughter with strength
Lady Giritina bless you daughter with agility
And lords and ladies whom haven't stated your name bless Joy with a Victory tonight

As he finished Joy started a new prayer to the spider deitie of love

Joy JusticeĀ 
Oh Lord or lady spider deitie of love please bless me with the ability to get the woman of my dreamsĀ 

As joy stated this she slowly reaches for the face paint and NO saw the camera man and pushed him out of the locker room and shut the door behind him as they left they heard the insane laughter of joy justice as the screen turned black and went back to the arena
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Re: I beg 7 deities

Post by Rage on Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:16 am

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