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A Savage Solution V

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A Savage Solution V

Post by Red Chocolate on Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:22 pm

The celebration of MexiTan's victory over the tag team champions continues as Cole Savage dances out onto the stage in perfect cadence with the victor's music. Upon his arrival balloons pour down from the ceiling followed by a rain shower-esque flow of confetti. A mariachi band, with the freshest of tans, streams out from backstage treating the crowd to a live cover of MexiTan's music.

When we say goodbye we gotta do it in style? When we leave we gotta go out with a BANG! That's the ONLY way to do it when you're a Friend of Cole Savage!

I can't think of a more perfect way to put a pin in their tenure as a tag team than to beat the schmucks, who caught us on a bad day not that I'm making excuses, and even things up AND remind them that they're only still tag team champions because we've ALLOWED it!

While we're on that subject, I'd like to thank the "man" for just handing Syndicate to us on a silver platter! I bet they thought they'd show us, huh? "These pissants won't cash in their rematch clause?!?! Well, we'll make sure the door hits them on the way out!!!" HA! Absolute malarky! Perhaps NOW it's starting to sink in that taking a raincheck on that rematch clause was an act of MERCY for the the tag team division and everyone in it. There are some fantastic squads in there, plenty of them have pushed MexiTan to their limits and made them EARN their victories. Plenty of them have even BEAT MexiTan, even if it took them a few tries.


Point being that we don't want to overstay our welcome. MexiTan doesn't want it to come to the point where people are BEGGING for retirement like the Bringers, you're welcome by the way, or the Saints. With DOMINATION and DYNASTIES comes a DANGER that the fans will become indifferent or detached and turn their backs on you. And we don't want that.

Savage whips off his shades and takes in the scene in front of him: the Cruz and Akane, the party, the fans on their feet simultaneously cheering and listening attentively to Savage's every word.

What we DO want is to show that MexiTan can THRIVE no matter which division they're wrestling in. When I look at Marcus Akane, when I look at Leo Cruz, I see two ELITE level wrestlers foaming at the mouth to take UnMatched by storm. Forget being pigeonholed as a tag team, what they can do when united as one unstoppable force is just a bonus. What they are and what they will be are two men who will run roughshod and snatch up every bit of gold they can find until their hearts are content.

What? Are you gonna try to convince me that it's too soon, too fast? WRONG! Any time that you can rise above the occasion and take matters into your own hand is the right time. I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again and again and again and again and again and again until I'm screaming it from my GRAVE. Leo Cruz is one of the single most undervalued, unappreciated, unrespected, and don't tell me that's not a word, member of the UnMatched roster.

Remember when he beat Akira for that money in the bak briefcase, put his body on the line and nothing came of it?

Remember when he was fed to the wolves against a broken Sunshine who was CLEARLY on something, and never got a proper one on one rematch? And what's it been? A few months? A year or so since that fateful match? I guess I'm supposed to just sit on my hands and say nothing, huh? Just be grateful that we've been bestowed the honor and the privilege of being allowed to compete on such a prestigious show.

He glances over at Cruz and shakes his head.

I blame the hypocrisy of the showrunners for the grey hairs I've accumulated over the years. The same suits who hem and haw about brand loyalty are the ones on their knees giving signing bonuses to anyone who stops by for a cop of coffee, treating their favorite NGW rejects like GODS all while Leo Cruz and Marcus Akane just...drift on by.

You think we were doing MexiTan for fun? Or they had nothing better to do? MexiTan was about SURVIVAL in a place that wants doing to do with them. And so they stood up and MADE them take notice. They took those tag team championships and MADE everyone in the locker room see that this company would have to try just a little bit harder to suck the fighting spirit out of them.

He sighs as he looks over at Akane.

And don't get me started on the hoops this young man has had to jump through to make himself a household name. Ridiculous! Absolutely absurd that after he set the world on fire in such a short time when he first came to this company, it was the very same company summoning the rain to put that fire out. MexiTan lit the spark, and when I look into Akane's eyes I see a beast ready to hear the golden words: "don't hold back."

And he won't. WE won't.

I'm not even gonna say your names because you don't deserve the honor, and there'll come a time when they won't matter. So to the World Champion, to the Global Champion, to the European Champion, to the Television Champion, I say: watch out. It's only fair that you get a warning, because when you step into the ring against either one of these men, that'll be the LAST time things will be fair.

The thing about fighting the uphill battle all this time is that you see who the strongest are when everyone's fighting on even ground. If leaving the tag division for now is an act of mercy for them...then it's an act of WAR for everyone else.

Red Chocolate
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