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Komm Susser Tod

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Komm Susser Tod

Post by Solaris Arc on Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:43 am

Monday Night Fusion opened up with a shot of the roaring crowd, ready for another amazing night of wrestling. However, those cheers quickly changed to boos and jeers when music blasted through the speakers.

Harvey Hastings slowly marched out with a sour grimace on his face, ignoring the boos that surrounded him as he picked up a microphone from the announcer table.

Hey, I needed tha-

Shut up.

Hastings turned back to the ring and marched on down, slowly rolling into the ring and taking a seat in the corner as usual. He looked at the uproaring crowd yelling at him and slowly shook his head. He raised the microphone but held his speech when the boos overflowed once more. He set the mic down and the crowd settled, only for them to yell angrily as Hastings raised it. Harvey decided to have fun with this and repeat the process, however it only lasted for a short moment before he finally began to speak.

All right, dip shits. Time for you all to shut your mouths and let the PRIDE OF GERMANY speak. Because NONE OF YOU. ARE. WORTHY enough to speak in this ring. You're not worthy of sitting in my presence. And you certainly aren't worthy enough to have the money that you wasted on tickets for this show...

But, you are all nobodies, so what you do doesn't matter to me. Someone who truly isn't worthy of anything... 
Aleister Knox... You don't DESERVE any titles.
But you want to know who is the least worthy of all the wrestlers on this show?
 Paul Divine... I'm going to kick your head in, by the way.
 But you want to know who is the Least worthy of all the wrestlers on this show?
Hayden... Go back to UnMatched and get nuked by that Jobber Fischer.
But do you truly, honestly want to know who is the LEAST worthy of all the wrestlers on this show?

Hastings popped his knuckles, jumping off the turnbuckle and beginning to pace around.

Heenan hasn't been relevant since last season. Yet the second he stepped foot back into our company, our good ol' higher powers in the Sampson family have collapsed onto their, pulled down his tights, and started...
Well, y'know. Saugen seinen Schwanz.

This man has suddenly become the talk of the fucking town, yet he has never defeated Travis King CLEAN. He's never tapped out Paul Divine CLEAN. He's never had a memorable title reign! He's never tapped out Paul Divine AGAIN CLEAN. He's never, NEVER been anyone...

Yet Johnny Sampson has clung to his leg... Hoping to make him the next great star of Fusion... Heh, funny isn't it... Didn't he say that to Josh Wolf? And we all know how well that went, right? What I'm getting to is that Johnny Sampson is trying to decide who is superior on his show...

When in reality. The Greatest. Most Superior wrestler on his brand is standing in this ring!


Hastings was quickly interrupted before he could finish his statement.

(Open to Bateman boi)


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Re: Komm Susser Tod

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:22 pm

*The Theme Of The Former Anarchy Champion Hits The PA System Much To The Disapproval Of The Capacity Crowd. In Unison The Fans Ferociously Boo The Self-Proclaimed 'Pitbull' As A Heavily Bandaged Heenan Make His Way To The Top Of The Ramp Still Feeling The Effect Of The MITB Ladder Match, In Typical Fashion Of The Pitbull Heenan Cannot Help But Express His Humour At The Expense Of Hastings*

Harvey Please. I Mean Surely You Cant Be As Dumb As You Look And Considering Your Out Here Playing Dress Up Like Its A Children's Birthday Party That's A Pretty Tall Task But Congratulations Man I Think You've Out Done Yourself. At The Top Of The Season I Labelled Myself 'The Legend Killer' Your Out Here Proclaiming How You've Beaten Paul Divine And Travis King Yeah Well Them So Called 'Legends' Saw Me And Kept There Distance.

In Amongst All That Nonsense You Spouted I Believe There Was However One True Statement And That's Perry Heenan Being The Talk Of The Town. You Think I Dont See Through This Little Blue Print Of Yours Hastings, I Mean Its Really Quite Transparent. With All This Attention Fixated On Myself Your Jealous So You Thought You Would Come Out Here And Try Boil My Blood And Gain Some Of My Relevance, Thinking I Would React And Agree To Fight You. I Mean Much Like Your Career That Plan Failed Miserably But Out Of A Vote Of Sympathy, I Accept. Its Apparent Your Keen For A Match So Hastings,I Accept.

I Accept Because Im Simply Not Content Being The Talk Of The Town Because The Underlying Reality Is Im So Much More Than That. You Hear This Talk Of Daemion And His Path Of Destruction 24/7 And Daemion Being In Contendership Matches Where Are Perry Heenan's One On One Contendership Matches? Let Me Drop ALlittle Fact With All Of You, Perry Heenan Has Been Pinned Less Than The Gargoyle Of Destruction And He Sure As Hell Wasnt Against Shanaz  Adoni, Allow That To Settle In For A Moment Harvey.

 I Accept Because I Should Not Only be The Talk Of Fusion, The Talk Of Genesis And The Talk Of Unmatched I Should be The Talk Of The Wrestling Industry. Harvey Hastings I Accept, Because For Some Unknown Reason The Morans In Attendance Tonight, The Cooperate Stooges In The Back They Value You, They Think Your Name Carries Prestige So When This Match Occur Im Going To Wrap My Arms Round Your Skinny Head, Lock In The Dog Collar And The Rest Is History.

There Motionless Harvey Hastings Lay Pondering The Worst Mistake He Ever Made. Stepping On The Toes Of The Most Dangerous Man Not On Fusion, Not On Genesis, Not On Unmatched But CMV In Its Entirety. If The Stench Of This Grotesque City Wasnt So Strong Id Come Down There Right Now And Expose You For The Fraud You Really Are, Looks Like Its Not Your Night, Name A Time Harvey. Name A Place Other Than Here, Hell Name The Stipulation If You Desire But The Result Dosent Differ. I Tap You Out...Because Iam A Legend In The Making, I Tap You Out Because That's What I Do! But Dont Worry Pal, It Will ALL Be Worth it For The Twitter Fame.

*Heenan Chuckles To Himself At The Top Of The Ramp Before Leaving Through The Curtain*

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Re: Komm Susser Tod

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:08 pm

Great promo, fellas, looking forward to this feud!

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Re: Komm Susser Tod

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