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CAW BIO: Kevin Lee

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CAW BIO: Kevin Lee

Post by RiftedEnergy on Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:57 am

Name: Kevin Lee

Age: Old Enough to Kick Better, Young Enough To Punch You In The Back Of The...
Affiliation: Face

Gimmick: Martial Arts Connoisseur

Current Allies: Tim LaFave (tag team) Hannibal (student) Mr. Wentworth (designed his pajamas)

Current Enemies: Shao Lin students, Shakespeare, The Taliban, Landing a...
Signature Maneuver: Roundhouse, Combinations of any kind, T and Lee in the Morning (Tag Finisher) Punch You in the Back of the Face (Any Time a Punch is Delivered to the Back of the Face)

Tag Team/Stables: T and Lee in the Afternoon (CMV Standard Time)

Theoretical Education and Training: M.S. Of Kung Fu (Hypothetical) Ph. D of Karate (Physician Technician) Black Belt of All Known Martial Arts, Bachelor of Arts in being a Bachelor of the Arts

Records: 1-17 (UFC vs Dashing) Guinness Book of World Record- Most Punches to the Front of the Back of the Head in Under a Minute (2014) Speed Run of Mike Tyson's Punch Out- 1 Hit (ea)

Accolades: Created the term "YOLO" in a past life, Many question why a statue ISN'T made in his honor before questioning why there IS one 

Kevin Lee won his first race when he was just a little sperm. Since then, he has been achieving successes that other sperms in his class only dreamed of. His quickness came naturally, as he had to learn to dodge a coat hanger at the young age of -6 to -5 months. He would not be denied. His darkest days include a 9 month Heroin Binge, but alas, He Was Born!!!
He received his first Black Belt at the age of 38.6 months, when his father tried to beat him with a belt for crying in the middle of the night because he craved That Tit. Kevin Lee reversed the strike and broke the mafuckers neck. He decided then he didn't need The Tit anymore and moved on to steak. Powered by Protein, Lee decided to enroll in every single competition known to toddlers and men. 
He learned quickly if he could just kill the head, the body will die. In turn, if he could kill the body, the head would die. 
Because of this Kevin Lee protects his head, shoulders, knees and toes. (Knees and Toes)
When conventional competition became stagnant, The Punisher began reaching out outlandishly. 
 The Tournament of Souls, The Cell Games, and The Special Olympics all taught him a simple lesson- when you think you're done learning, you are. 

He uses his knowledge of CQ and H2H Combat to teach and coach those who seek the ever-so-elusive 3-Count. 

His Affiliation with Masssstaaaa FuJjjiiiiiinnnn is yet to be fully understood..... though they seem to have ties to the same Ancient Order: 22-13

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