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A Savage Solution IV

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A Savage Solution IV

Post by Red Chocolate on Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:37 pm

Fusion has come and gone a thrilling show despite the technical hiccups.

Long after the fans file out, and the ring is in the process of being broken down, Cole Savage still sits in the skybox. Watching, scouting. He rises up out of his chair and walks over to the window.

It's been some time since...since IT happened, and I'm still shaken down to my very core.

A travesty.


And every other adjective in between.

Jacob Ziegler...

Savage speaks in a tone that unsettling mirrors how a colleague might speak of a friend at a funeral.

I don't know where you are now. I don't know what the future holds for you. I just want you to know that I saw it all, and I mourn your loss. In the blink of an eye, a lifetime worth of efforts was thrown away. Faster than you could process it, Jacob, you lost the KEY to immortality. Friendship, betrayal, uneasy allies, romance, your story was a grand adventure that had it ALL! Your ascension to the very TOP of this company would have been the epic tale sung by bards for the rest of time!

And then...poof...


You find yourself nowhere.

With no direction. No sense of what to do, and once again you find yourself having to cobble together some kind of comeback in the wake of the loss of your briefcase. Or maybe you won't come back. Maybe you'll spread your wings and fly across the pond.

But why deal in maybes, Jacob, when I can give you GUARANTEES!

I guarantee you that losing that briefcase was the greatest thing to ever happen to your career. Trust me, I've seen it ALL when it comes to that godforsaken CRUTCH. I've watched Leo Cruz win that case and have it stolen away, seems familiar, right? I've seen Nick Blake cash it in and lose. I've seen Omega Lee cash it in and win! Only for it all to be taken back before he could finish saying 'I'm the new Global Champion.' That briefcase is nothing but trouble, but that doesn't mean the end justifies the means. It doesn't mean that we should up and forget what and WHO led you to that moment when your future slipped right through your hands.

Savage smacks his palm against the window and shakes his head.

See, I have a Johnny Sampson problem. I hold that bastard directly responsible for the stagnation of not just Leo Cruz, but every single being that has cross his path. I build, I CREATE and he destroys. He does it with glee. It's a toxin that runs through the veins of his whole clan. The thing is, I don't need you to fight my battles. I don't need you to step battle in my honor. W hat I NEED from you, Jacob, is for you to understand that now, more than ever it's too dangerous to go at it alone. Now more than ever you need....a friend. You need someone to watch your back who has no gain in putting a knife in it. I have no reason to betray you or to lie to you. Seeing that my clients become STARS is what gets business going, and everyone who's been a Friend of Cole Savage has come out smelling like roses.

Perhaps Shane Scott wasn't the right fit, but notice how it all went downhill the moment you pulled that trigger. You tried to reinvent yourself. You went ahead and UNLEASHED that mean streak. Yet here we are. You spoke and nobody listened. Ha! You spoke and everyone doubted! Why keep wasting your breath?! Let what you do in the ring do the speaking. Let the championships that will come your way scream on your behalf that you are the very damn best at what you do.

The thing about pride is that once it takes a hit, it'll take a while for it to build back up. Why do you think it took Schmidty so look to poke his head out of his hole after his life fell apart? Hell, even I had to take a minute to question how the universe worked after I lost to Elijah Stewart, not one, but twice. Luckily everything righted itself in the end looking at where we both are now, but I digress. Allow me to expedite that process, Jacob. I can give you that confidence, I can open those doors, I can give you those title matches that you've been craving since the moment the ink dried on your contract.

Savage chuckles softly while he turns and looks directly into the camera.

Everything I touch turns to GOLD! You'd be in good company if you stood by my side. Anyone who looks at you any differently are the same ones who would cut off their arm to be in your shoes. I don't just welcome anyone into my ranks. I seek out the wronged with the potential to make things right. I fight for the disenfranchised, the men and the women who should BE somebody in CMV but never got their shot to prove their worth. Favoritism, nepotism and politics are a tough obstacle to overcome. I give those without a voice a way to make themselves heard. You've used your voice enough to tell everyone what they should already know; rest now and find that weight lifted off of your shoulders. And when you can finally run weightless and free, you'll be amazed and just how damn unstoppable you are.

Jacob Ziegler, wherever you may be, I hope these words reach you: Cole Savage is offering you a helping hand to pull you OUT of that grave that they dug for you. Take your time. Think about it. As special as you may be, and bright of a future as you may still have, this offer won't be around forever.

You're not the only soul out here that needs saving.

But you're one of the most valuable.

Red Chocolate
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