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Simmons Reaches Breaking Point

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Simmons Reaches Breaking Point

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:49 am

*-A Distraught, Battered And Bruised Percy Simmons Is Aided Backstage Via Medical Personnel Following A Brutal Post Match Attack By The Newly Crowned Light Heavyweight Champion Jay Davis Minutes After Davis Had Hit Two Stumbling Drunk Maneuverers To Pick Up The Victory. Medical Staff Attend To Very Emotional Simmons As He Desperately Clutch His Surgically Repaired Shoulder, A Injury That Threatened His Career.*-


*Percy Approaches Each Doctor As He Walks Down The Corridor. With No One Knowing The Whereabouts Of The Light Heavyweight Champion Percy Grabs The Closest Doctor By Their Tie As They Begin To Choke.  '' WHERE IS DAVIS'' With No Reply And All Of The Doctors Colleagues Begging And Pleading For Him To Let Go Percy Releases His Grip Before Ferociously  Pushes One Of The Medical Personnel Into The Wall And Erupts With Anger. It Is Apparent This Breakdown Is A Long Time Coming* He Takes A Moment To Calm Himself Down, Trying His Best To Not Take His Frustration Out On The Medical Staff That Aided His Recovery In The First Place. He Gingerly Slips Down The Wall And Puts His Face In is Hands As Doctors Surround Him And Fusion Cuts To A Break*

*Fusion Returns As We Cut To The Office Of General Manger Johnny Sampson, Where Outside Is Lisa Evans And  A Raging Percy Simmons Banging On The Locked Door In Desperation.  *

'' I'm Not Going To Stand Here, Shout And Bellow Because I Want Everyone Watching To Peel There Ears And Listen To Every Single Word Closely And Clearly.   Im Going To Cut Cut The Crap And Get To The Chase. Since Day One Lisa, Since The Day I Walked Through The Doors Of This Place My Kind Heart, My Happy Go Lucky Approach, My Professionalism  Has ALL Been Taken For Granted. No One Here Respects Me. Everyone Thinks I'm Weak Lisa,  I Take One Bump And The Doctors Nurture Me Like A Baby ,Fellow Superstars Think I'm Nothing But A One Trick Spot Monkey Everyone ....EVERYONE Back There Thinks They Abuse My Body And My Injuries As A Way To Make A Statement.''

'' Lisa, I Proclaim To Be The Undisputed Future, Yet The Reality Is I'm Nothing But A Laughing Stock. Sampson Is Our So Called General Manger But Where Is He Lisa Hum? So Since He Isn't Around Diffuse These Tense Situations Ill Do It Myself. I Say Lets See Who The So Called Laughing Stock Really Is ... JAY DAVIS...  Jay Davis You Twisted Bastard You Really Think You Can Attack Me Without Consequence .... YOU THINK IM WEAK?.... YOU THINK IM A SIDESHOW ACT THEN PROVE IT. ME VS YOU NEXT WEEK IN A ANARCHY RULZ MATCH!.... If You Have Anything About You. Any Self- Respect,  Any Respect Or Any Intention To Be A Valued Champion, You'll Accept And When You Do I'm Going To Rub That Sly Smirk From Your Face, And Everyone Back There That Ever Doubted My Ability, I'm Going To Show You All Who The Deck Really Is. Oh And Sampson Your Welcome For The Ratings Next Week.''

* A Very Motivated Simmons Looks The Camera Dead In The Eye As It Fades To Black Displaying A Level Of Seriousness The CMV Universe Has Never Really Seen From Percy*

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