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A Savage Solution III

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A Savage Solution III

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:42 pm

As Fusion rolls on, Cole Savage has blessed us with a live video recording straight out of the legendary skybox. He sits with a half-full (or is it half-empty) glass of wine, feet propped on the table, looking as relaxed as ever.

Josh Wolf!

He says it as though he were greeting an old buddy from his college days who got up to a whole heap of shenanigans together like the time they got drunk at a frat party, took the trophy out of the display case and...

Point is, Savage has a way about him that disarms and persuades.

Golly, I was so caught up in trying to show Bison the light, that it almost slipped my mind that he's not the only lost soul on Fusion wandering in the dark. Luckily, with a little bit of time and a little bit of wine, I was able to get my affairs back in order, and now I'm back on track. My next order of business is you, Wolf, and how you've failed to live up to expectations.

And how you FAILED to take this company by storm like you were DESTINED to.

What happened, Josh? What made you stop fighting? What made you stop believing? You know why so many people go astray in this business? Youthful ignorance. Pride. And just plain being AWFUL at what they do. That last one doesn't apply to you, though. You know it. I know it. These people know it.

I would have been the first to tell you to not get involved with the LaFave's that clan is nothing but trouble. Unlike most you wizened up and you got the hell out of dodge, for the sake of your career and your sanity. That's why I respect you more than most, that's why I'm DISAPPOINTED in you more than most.

You literally EMBODIED what it means to be a rising star. When you stepped into that ring people dropped everything so they can watch because when it came to you they knew that it was a guarandamn-freaking-tee that they would be blown away. If it was a crime to leave people's jaws on the floor in awe you would be locked up on the spot! If it was a felony to be so much better than your peers that you made them look like FOOLS, then you'd be executed on the spot!

Somewhere along the line you lost your way, you lost your spark. I bet you'd be the first to tell me otherwise, but you're too close to the trees to see that the forest is decaying. There came a point where you stopped relying on your talents, you stopped taking satisfaction and decimation and destruction, and became satisfied with only drawing blood. WE DON'T DO CONSOLATION PRIZES HERE!

Savage almost spills his wine with that outburst, and soiling such a beautiful shag carpet would surely be a travesty.

You know what I find the funniest in all of this? How you left Genesis to put as much distance between yourself and the Kliq as possible, only now to find yourself on the verge of dealing with X-Gen, or, as I like to call 'em: the OTHER Kliq! Don't you see that there's nowhere you can run! There's nowhere you can hide! Such a cliché, but maybe you can even see how those clichés are born. They're facts of life. They're inescapable truths. They're the reason why I can see things for the way that they are.

Don't you get it by now that being a lone wolf will get you as far as you've already gotten: nowhere! Look! I get it! It's in your name: Josh WOLF! It's cute, and I admire the dedication to your schtick, but every great wrestler knows when it's time to shake things up. Hell, even Paul Divine realized he wasn't going anywhere being called Sushi X....wait, or was he the other one? Ah hell, there goes my old age again!

The point is that I can offer you the WORLD, Josh! You have to know by now that that's not an empty promise. Look at everyone I've taken under my wing and you know as well as I do that they've ALL came out better than they went in. Why play against the odds? Why subject yourself to continued suffering and watching as the whole world passes you by? You think it's a coincidence Paul Divine won the World Title as soon as the bad got back together? And how long until Schmitdy overcomes Sampson's pathetic attempts at revenge and picks right back up where he left off and running this brand?

Welcome to CMV, Josh! It's politics galore. Pulling power plays, leveraging star power, manipulating things behind the scenes, brown nosing and pandering--its all part of the game. Trust me when I say that no one can play it better than me.

Trust me.

Savage motions around him to the luxurious skybox, the expensive decor, the framed pictures of his past and presents clients' grandest achievements.

When are you going to stop having a career and start building a LEGACY? Something that will stand the test of time. When are you going to admit that it's okay to need...a friend?

Now I know what you're gonna say: you have Fenrir, you're his vessel. And I say bring him along too! The more the merrier as far as I'm confirmed. If it's blood and pain and destruction that that beast wants to inflict upon his foes, then let him be. I can give him that, that's the easy part! There's no shortage of wrestlers to feast on. those chains don't have to bind you forever.

But hey, what do I know, right? You'll say that you have it all under control. I don't need an answer, though. You don't have to tell me yes or no. You only have to know what there will come a point where you will fail. You'll come up short, and it'll look like there's no way out of the abyss. If you were with me, I'd find you a way out. I'd make an insurmountable obstacle look like a mole hill. If you're alone, you'll just sink deeper and deeper into that pit until it swallows you whole.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I've got the ones you need.

Savage chuckles and takes a sip of his wine. He places the glass down on a coaster and continues watching the show.

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Re: A Savage Solution III

Post by Solaris Arc on Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:22 pm

Damn fine promo tho


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Re: A Savage Solution III

Post by edgy shitbag on Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:23 pm

It was....ok


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Re: A Savage Solution III

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