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Shine bright like a......... Diamond

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Shine bright like a......... Diamond

Post by Dr.Diamond03 on Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:42 pm

*The fans in the Fusion arena entertain themselves before the show starts with chants such as "WE WANT SHINDIG!!" but their chants are interrupted as a very "punchable" face appears on the titantron, it's Mr.MITB, Chris Diamond as the fans erupt with boos Diamond just sits in his very expensive looking chair with his signature Cheshire Cat grin from ear to ear, he arrogantly waves at the fans whilst they still boo.

Chris Diamond:
Clearly you are all happy I won last night? *the audience erupts with boos* hahahahaha!! I did EXACTLY what I said I'd do last night, I WON THE MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH BAY BAY!!

*The crowd boos on and on as Diamond just laughs whilst showing off his briefcase*

Chris Diamond:
The fact that you all hate it, makes it that much more sweeter, simply having this briefcase guarantees me my rightful spot as a main eventer and when I cash this in whoever has the Undisputed title can kiss it goodbye because THE BRITISH BALLER............ Is the next..........undisputed champion BAY BAY!!

*Diamond sits back in his expensive looking chair and puts his feet up on an equally expensive looking foot rest, he reaches over to his side and pulls out a wine bottle out of his wine cooler bucket, he opens the bottle and pours it into a wine glass trying not to spill it on his black suit, he takes a sip before ending his "speech".

Chris Diamond:
(Smoothly) baller out............BAY BAY!!

*he takes another sip, this time he holds up his briefcase, this is the image that the segment ends on with the audience chanting "FUCK YOU DIAMOND" in the background.

Chris Diamond:
1x Undisputed Champion
1x Mr. MITB
1x Fusion Tag Champ with Rob Cross (Last Ever)
1x Rising Star Champion
Winner of the 3rd annual tag team cup alongside Rob Cross

Rico Lopez:
Best Dancer On NGW

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