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The War Isn't Over ...

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The War Isn't Over ...

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:23 am

We return to Friday night Genesis episode #116, to find that Dave Turner is walking backstage down a busy hallway, filled with production crew, costume designers, caterers, management, you name it, the entire area is abuzz. The CMV Hall of Famer and former Genesis general manager looks to be on his way to a meeting or something, even though he is set to take on Randy Borton later tonight, The Technical Prodigy is currently rocking his street clothes, smiling at every single face that he passes by. He reaches the end of the corridor and makes a right turn, after walking for about thirty seconds, Dave is stopped in his tracks, as he looks up from his phone to see that Xander Slate is blocking his exit. Turner smirks at his old rival, then turning around only to be trapped in by The Milk Man himself. Now Dave is aware of what this is and nods his head, laughing nervously.

Really, guys? We're gonna do this?

Slate grins menacingly with intent in his eyes.

You should have joined us when I asked you to, Davey boy, now we've got no choice ...

Randy cocks his head to the side, looking Turner up and down.

You're either WITH us ... Or AGAINST us!

Just when those words leave his mouth, Xander strikes at Dave, chop blocking him while Randy hits him with a stiff clothesline! The CMV World Tag Team champions then resort to stomping on the downed Turner over and over again, for what seems like an hour to Dave I'm sure, Slate and Borton refuse to let up, as if Dave committed some sort of travesty towards their family, which in a way, in Kilq's mind, he did ...

You stubborn old idiot, you'll learn just like everyone else has!

Xander walks off-screen for a few seconds, Randy continuing his attack on the defenseless legend, only for The Show to return with a steel chair in hand, and we all know what they're fixing to do here ... Slate wraps the chair around Dave's shoulder and steps back, giving his good brother the room to perfect his craft. But just as The Moo Moo Man is set to drive his foot down onto the chair and thus Dave's arm, from behind him he's struck with a wicked kick to the head, Xander's jaw dropping as he sees that it's Matsuda Tanaka! The Dragon Slayer drives off Kliq, Slate quickly grabbing his partner and fleeing from the scene, while Tanaka calls for some help. He kneels down next to the unresponsive Turner and stays there until help arrives, the scene fading on his face, filled with rage ...

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