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A Savage Solution II

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A Savage Solution II

Post by Red Chocolate on Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:11 pm

After consecutive pay per view losses, to Schmidty. Bison sits there in the ring looking a little deflated. Seconds later Cole Savage’s theme hits the speakers. He walks out, one hand in his pocket, the other hand holding a microphone. He shakes his head as he stares down the ramp at Bison.

So this is it, huh?

I came all the way out here because I NEEDED to see this with my own two eyes.

See you.

And these eyes of mine may have some mileage on them, but I can still see the clear picture.

This...THIS is Bison?

This is what you've become?

An afterthought?

A has been?



Savage dramatically whips off his shades.

I won't stand for this! Not any longer! Seeing what's become of you makes me sick to my stomach.

How dare you, Bison? How DARE you let things get to this point? You were the BEAST! You were the BARBARIAN! You were the most feared man in the company, and for good reason. You destroyed any man who stood in your way, and made it look easy. You made it look like you were BORN to be the baddest son of a bitch to EVER call themselves a CMV wrestler.

So what happened, huh? In what frozen hell, pig flyin', f[a]t lady singin' world have I found myself in when you settle with letting yourself get played for a FOOL? You should be a CHAMPION, Bison! You should be the one this company revolves around, but you let them dangle those title matches in front of you, just out of your reach so that you THINK you have no choice but to follow their orders.

Why weren't you in money in the bank? You can't answer that, can you? What, did ol' reliable himself Johnny Sampson, the most honest man in the world, tell you that it'll come in due time? Maybe he did, but did he say WHICH time you'd have to face Schmidty before that happened? The fourth or the thousandth? How many times will you be the whipping boy, the punchline to the joke they’re always telling behind your back, before you up break free of those shackles?

Let me tell you what these eyes are seeing, Bison. They see a man who's being treated like a novelty act. You're just the blast from the past that they love to parade around like a trophy to sucker in the sorry saps who can't help but feed into the nostalgia.

And they fall for it every time.

YOU fall for it every time.

They shout your past accomplishments from the rooftops when there’s still so much in the future you can still do. They talk about the man you were, when you can still become so much more than that. Can, there’s the operative word. You CAN, Bison. You can FINALLY take that next big step in your career. Will you? Now, how many times are you gonna let yourself be used as “the muscle” or “the final boss” before you WAKE UP and realize that you deserve better? You the deserve the very best. And that's something I'm prepared to give you.

Maybe before you thought you had it all figured out. You thought YOU were playing them, manipulating them, using them--there's no way it could have been the other way around! But you thought that the last time too, didn't you? And all they did was throw you into a tag team with Duo Maxwell. A Duo Maxwell who won the rumble, main evented Ascendance, was a multi-time World Champion. At least he made it to the top before he sold out; you're out here trying to do it all backward.

Shame, shame, SHAME, Bison. SHAME! That's the definition of insanity, ain't it? To keep doing the same thing again and again and AGAIN until things go your way. That square peg ain't fitting into the round hole no matter which way you want to turn it. You ain't becoming the MAN on Fusion until you try to take things in a different direction. You should be your own man. You should be fighting your OWN battles, avenging your OWN vendettas, seeking your OWN revenge. And, trust me, if you take everything I say to heart, there won’t be no shortage of suckers lining up to knock you down a peg.

The lone wolf thing only works so long until you realize that it's okay to admit that you need a....friend.

You know why these people keep cheering for each grand return you make? They're like battered wives, praying that this time will be different. Hoping against all odds that THIS will be the run where you figure it all out and win the most prestigious prize in this company. But it hasn't gone that way so far, has it?

Savage motions toward the ring.

How many more nights and performances like this are you going to have before it sinks in? Because where I’m standing from, the cheers a getting a little quieter. One or two fewer people are wearing your shirts. You come out here week after week and all your fans will talk about is the Bison you WERE, not the Bison you ARE. In fact, who are you? What are you? Where are you planning to go with this? Because I’ll be the first to admit if I read the situation wrong and wasted my time coming out here. I’m no stranger to money, and for all I know you’re content picking up your paycheck and calling it a day. And if you’ve found peace letting your career peter out and end with a whimper, then, by all means, carry on with your day. Who am I to get involved?

But If I’m right--if I’m right and you want your peak days in the company to look like child’s play, then you know what to do, and you know where to find me.

Savage pulls out the two halves of his ripped business card.

You weren’t even the one who did this, but I just happened to be in the neighborhood and figured I would give the starving man a scrap of bread. When you’re ready to FEAST, to eat like a KING, well, you’ll have a friend in me.

Savage winks at Bison, then returns backstage.

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