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Death before Dishonor.....or Poker.

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Death before Dishonor.....or Poker.

Post by edgy shitbag on Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:35 pm





The bell rings! Divine looks over with a look of horror on his face to see Hayden's hand grasping the ropes. His eyes look beyond Hayden’s hand and to the faces of the fans.  He can see the excitement in their eyes but there is also a glimmer of disappointment.  They wanted him to win but, not like this.  He gets to his feet, turning to the referee, pointing at the ropes pleading to the ref to restart the match, but before Murphy can comprehend what has happened, Hayden slides in between the two and quells the talks of the match continuing. "Divine won" he says. Divine turns to the now former Four Time CMV Undisputed champion with shock slapped across his face, Hayden simply shrugs as if to say "it is what it is". As Hayden walks across the ring, the referee grabs Divine's arm raising it into the air as his theme blares throughout the arena! The cheers throughout the arena almost overwhelm the theme music to the extent in which it's barely heard. Divine however, through all the cheers and all the glory, looks dissatisfied with the outcome, shaking his head. From behind we see Hayden re-entering the ring with the CMV Undisputed Championship around his waist, he walks up to Paul happy for his X-Gen brother. He straps the Undisputed Championship around the waist of Divine and holds his other arm up high, pointing to him in his moment, the moment where he proved once and for all he was not just the Tag Team Member of X-Gen.

But after Hayden lets go of Divine's hand, applauding him as he does, Divine looks over to him, he shakes his head and pulls the belt off from around his waist. Handing it back to the former CMV Undisputed Champion to the shock of the crowd. Hayden lets out a slight chuckle and shakes his head. Raising his arms and stepping back as he does "You keep it" he shouts over the ovation from the crowd. "It's time for you to take X-Gen to new heights, my reign is over" Hayden pats Divine on the shoulder before exiting the ring and making his way to the back, allowing his brother to celebrate with the belt. But Divine, not fulfilled with his win, just... Doesn't celebrate, he stands there momentarily looking at the CMV Undisputed Championship, but once again shakes his head before he too exits the ring and walks to the back, closing out the segment ready for the Money in the Bank Main Event.

To be Continued...



Later on in the evening Quantum and Hayden can be seen in a local bar, Quantum, drinking a cheeky fosters after being convinced by the A-Lister to try some of his country’s most popular brew, while Hayden on the other hand can be seen trying some flavored water as per the request of Quantum.  But then, all the patrons turn towards the door as it swings open and the Asian Sensation Paul Divine enters The Undisputed Championship in his hand.


Hayden yells over the silence of the bar.


Quantum adds before both chim in.


Divine doesn't look excited,

Don’t patronize me man.  Y’all know that wasn’t a clean win.

Divine walks over to Hayden and places the belt in front of him, on the bar top, before taking a seat between the both of them.

Woah there buddy, don't you think this should be over here.

Hayden says while pushing the belt along the bar so it sits in front of Divine. Divine however, immediately places his arm down stopping Hayden from pushing it any further.

Nah man, Not like that it ain't.

Hayden gets up from his seat, dropping his flavored water down intentionally so he doesn't have to drink anymore of it.

Look Paul, I get it, it wasn't clean, but it is what it is. The referee didn't see it, you didn’t see it, the wrong call occurred. But you won, you were whooping my ass. I had to get a load of stitches after that match.

Japans Biggest Export stands, the two men now standing face to face with the belt in between them at the bar.

Well I'm not excepting that decision, against anybody else, sure. But against X-Gen? My Brothers. Nah.

Well I'm not just gonna take it from you, that ain't right man.

Divine looks around the room, spotting a pack of playing cards behind the bar.  A smile forms on his lips as he asks the bartender to use the deck of cards

A cheeky hand of holdem then mate.  For the belt.  Winner takes all no questions asked.

Reluctantly Hayden agrees knowing that the two of them are both decent players.


A Small montage of the duo playing poker while Quantum deals ensues.  An hour in, Hayden is dealt pocket Aces.  He shows no emotion as he bets big hoping Divine would bite.

Paul looks at his hand once more before looking back to Hayden.  He matches his chips and places them in the center.  Quantum deals King of hearts, 3 of spades, and a 6 of hearts.  Hayden more confident now and sure of his win bets even bigger now pushing in a huge sum of chips.  Paul again takes a moment watching Hayden’s body language looking for any tells.  He calls Hayden’s bet matching his chips.  Quantum then deals a 5 of diamonds.  Hayden again showing no emotion pushes forward with another bet.  Paul looks to his cards waits a moment or two and proceeds to call the bet.  Quantum burns a card and deals the river card.  It’s a Jack of clubs.  Hayden takes a moment to count his chips.  He looks to Divines stack which is about even with his.  He slowly slides all his chips to the center.

All in.

Divine lifts the belt, dropping it on the center of the table. Hayden's eyes widen in anticipation of the win.  He stands up and turns over the Kings tossing them down with a grin on his face. Knowing full well he has the game in his hands. He looks over at Quantum, then over at Divine, who begins to stand slowly.

Well champ, the belts all yours.

Paul slides his cards face down into the middle.  Electing to not show his hand.  Quantum passes the chips, and the belt over to Hayden. Who looks up at Divine who is making his way back over to the bar.

What did you have?

You know I never show my cards.

Paul Divine turns away to pour a shot.  Quantum picks up Divines cards, checking the hand, his eyes widen. He shuffles the deck before walking over to Divine at the bar and begins to question him.

Why'd you do that, you had a god damn straight man.  

Divine just chuckles.

A wins a win but winning the belt like that, in a dishonest fashion, would not be the best foundation for X-Gen's second coming.

Hayden walks up behind the two of them, still coming to terms with the fact that he is now a five time CMV Undisputed Champion and the trio once again share a clanging of the glasses "To X-Gen" they all shout, and the camera cuts to black.


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Re: Death before Dishonor.....or Poker.

Post by Miztacular on Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:39 pm


AND NEW!!!!!

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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