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Lineage of The Golden Tiger

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Lineage of The Golden Tiger

Post by Funniest Man Alive on Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:20 pm

After his match with William Stevens,
El Tigera, is being interviewed

Interviewer: A great performance tonight,
El Tigera, but one thing is bothering the CMV Universe, why did you use the exposed turnbuckle that William exposed?

Tigera: When I was being trained to wrestle by my father, One of the mist important things he taught was that when in a ring punishment is eye for a eye,
He was a big believer in karma.

Interviewer: Speaking of your father,
I mean the CMV Universe have heard rumors about your lineage, being the child if two of the best wrestlers never to sign with CMV, can you tell us about them

Tigera: I don't see why it matters who my parents are, but if you the CMV Universe really wants to know, Alright then... My father's name was El Emperador ,
or The Emperor, for the non Spanish speakers, and my mom's name is Kenomo, or beast, obviously neither ever signed with CMV, is the answer the universe wants they got it, now if you mind, I got hit the showers

El Tigera runs off

Adam Valentine
El Tigera- 1x TV and Last Champion, 1x and First Internet Champion
Billy Shaw
Hunter Blackburn
Mario Lopes Batista
Red Demon Jr.

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