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Drug Testing 101

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Drug Testing 101

Post by Miztacular on Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:34 pm


We're taken backstage inside Genesis General Manager, Cass LaFave's office, to see Luke Swanson sitting down in a chair, while Cass goes over some paperwork on the other side of the desk. She looks up at look after a moment goes by and begins to talk.

Cass LaFave:

Welcome Luke, thank you for seeing me. Now I'm sure you're aware of why I called you in here toni--

Luke Swanson:
Uhm I ain't. Uh, I ain't aware of shit, lady. You know. I'm just fuckin' out there, minding my own god damn business and some fuckin' suit wearing motherfucker comes up to me, and tells me to come to your uhm, your office, you know.

Cass glares at Swanson, her blood boiling already, however in an attempt to remain calm she exhales slowly, taking deep breaths before she continues on.

Cass LaFave:

Swanson, I'd greatly appreciate it if you let me talk first before you interrupt me, oka--

Luke Swanson:

Cass LaFave sighs briefly before continuing.

Cass LaFave:

Okay, so Luke, I've called you in here today, because during your match with Zack Cage this past week on Genesis. You seemed to be doing some very questionable behaviour.

Swanson raises an eyebrow.

Cass LaFave:
It was as if you weren't all there during your match Luke. Now, I'm not saying you WERE actually on something, maybe you were just overconfident, you were unbeaten of course. Maybe you thought this would be an easy victory. But I don't know Luke, something about that match seemed off. Like I said, I'm not saying I'm one hundred percent certain you were using something. But Luke, I have to check, you have a history with this.

Cass picks up the documents she was holding prior to this conversation and passes them over to Swanson.

Cass LaFave:
Luke in your hands are documents I will need you to sign, as I'm going to be issuing you another drug test. I need to stay on top of this as I cannot allow this on my brand. It's nothing personal Luke. It's strictly business. Inside the attached folder you'll find the equipment I'm sure you're familiar with. Just do the test, hand it to the medical crew and you can be on your way. Be sure to have it done by next week.

Luke Swanson looks up at Cass, he rises from his chair to his feet and simply says.

Luke Swanson:

Fuck thaaaaat.

And with that, Swanson turns around and makes his way out of the office, leaving Cass LaFave infuriated.

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