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Sung-Ho makes his first words

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Sung-Ho makes his first words

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:08 am

Shortly after the triple threat match on reality wrestling we are taken backstage to the lockeroom. The door opens and a pale woman leaps at the camera in glee, this woman would be soon known as Luna Sung-Ho. She speaks in her Korean dialect in a high pace, speedy energetic fashion filled with excitement.

오 이런! 내 CMV에서 화면 세그먼트에 처음! 나는 루나 야! 그리고 거기 앉아서 내 누나 솔라입니다! 우리는 이번 주에 Ferocity에 데뷔하게 될 것입니다! 나는 흥분으로 가득 차있다, 레슬링은 나의 꿈이다! 내 열정! 나는 굉장한 기술을 과시하기를 기다릴 수 없다!
(Oh yay! my first on screen segment in CMV! I am Luna! And over there sitting down is my older sister Solar! We are going to make our debut later on this week on Ferocity! I am filled with excitement, wrestling is my dream! My passion! I can't wait to show off all of my awesome skills!)

The CMV interviewer who had come along with the camera crew steps backwards against the wall overwhelmed with confusion. Luna's sister Solar gets up from her seat and walks over to her sister to put an arm over her dragging her off to the side for a chat. She speaks quietly into her ears.

이봐, 아빠 한테 왔어. 그 사람 한테 방을 좀 줘. 우리의 순간은 사나운 것입니다.
(Hey, they are here for papa, give the man some room. Our moment will come on Ferocity.)

Solar turns to the interviewer and tries to put together what little english she can muster.

My apologies... My, how you say, sister? Is excited.

While this conversation continues the newly debuted Park Sung-Ho steps out from the changing cubicle with blood dripping from his forehead which he lifts a towel up to and wipes away. The younger sister Luna runs over to hug her old man and he nods in the direction of Solar who bows and steps aside

Don't mind my daughters, Luna is excited to be here. I am happy to see my arrival has drawn interest. But unfortunaltely I cannot have time for words, words will come later. No questions. But I will leave you with this message. Tonight, in defeat, I showed the world the kind of guts I have, do not underestimate me because of my age for I will strike you down with the force of a thousand suns. Tonight, I spilt my own blood over a loss, but next time, the canvas will be crimson in victory.

Park bows his head to the interviewer and camera crew. He turns to his daughters and nods his head ever so slightly and turns towards the exit of the locker room making sure to shake the hand of the interviewer on his way out.

Next time.

Solar follows her father out only to turn around and gesture for Luna to follow, in a shrill tone she answers.


She smiles at the camera once more and skips past for the trio make their exit.

I hope this is good enough I was not sure how else to portray the translation so if you have an idea I would like to hear it

I also was not sure where to post this it has all three members of the family and they are supposed to be in seperate promo sections should I post in both


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Re: Sung-Ho makes his first words

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:10 am

Yeah man this was great for your first promo, definitely gave us a feel for all three characters. I'd say whomever is the center in your promo it should go in that section.

Good job!

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Re: Sung-Ho makes his first words

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:19 pm

Thank you!


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Re: Sung-Ho makes his first words

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