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Brass Rings vs Ballers

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Brass Rings vs Ballers

Post by KrisSully on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:05 am

-via Facebook Live-
(The camera POV moves from the floor turning around to the Brass Ring Club)

Sully: My b guys. Wrong camera.

Fury: Welcome everyone to our LIVE interview here tonight.

Flashyy: So what'a we got?

(The group look for a good question)

Sully: Ooh here's one, "After Sunday, who would you guys rather challenge for the titles, Ballers Club, or ATL?"...

Fury: Personally? I think we all agree, we all WANT the Ballers... BUT we also agree, we're probably going to FACE the ATL.

Flashyy: I mean, Chris Diamond did say "Chase Henderson" is the weak link...

Fury: And Henderson and Cross are defending the titles...

Sully: And of course Cross won't be able to win a handicap match against the ATL...

Fury: So... Cross tags in Henderson... And ATL wins... Since we beat Henderson...

Sully: And Diamond was so inclined to say we could never best the ATL...

Flashyy: Which means Henderson can't beat the ATL...

Sully: So then we get to face the ATL. If my math is correct anyways... But yeah, we want Ballers Club but we probably won't face them for the titles.

(The group looks for another question)

Flashyy: "Why is Sullivan wearing that thing on in his face?"

(Sully becomes very disgruntled)

Sully: Ask the damn doctors! I don't wanna wear it! "Oh it'll protect your staples from coming lose..." I hate this mask...

Fury: Well... I think Sully's been riled up enough for one day... Boys?...

Sully: TOO.
Flashyy: DAMN.

-Live stream ends-

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