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A challenge to the Moon

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A challenge to the Moon

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:49 pm

As Tyson walks backstage, he stumbles upon Miles Kelly, who asks for a quick second of his time. Tyson agrees and the line up in front of the camera.

Miles Kelly:
Tyson, you are the titular character in Marvel’s Moon Knight providing us a glimpse at what to expect in your film. But Tyson, upon your return to in ring action, you haven’t found that much success. While you did pick up a win two weeks ago, you lost via count out to Rhys Matthews at Cyberslam. And just a few moments ago, we saw you once again lose via count out. Is there anything that you want to say about these recent loses that you have accumulated.

Tyson Cage:
You know, both Rhys and Johnny wanted to get the rub, of beating a superhero. And they couldn’t do that, so they resorted to getting me a counted out. You know what, at Point Break, I will be having an Open Challenge. But the rule of this open challenge, is that there will be no count outs, if someone else wants to beat a reallife superhero then they have to do it in the ring. Which Miles, you seem to forget to mention, since my return no one has beat me one on one. Who knows Marvel may let me bring the suit.

As the mic is pulled back towards Miles, Tyson smiles with his movie star teeth. When from out of nowhere, a fist came flying in from of screen, clipping Tyson in his Jaws. As Tyson falls to the ground, the freshly traded Kendall Wolfe walks on screen. Miles Kelly puts the mic up to Kendall face.

Kendall Wolfe:
I Accept.


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