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Niether of You

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Niether of You

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:27 pm

As Jaquan Shay celebrates his victory over the newest member of the Deadly Sins, Marcental. As Jaquan Shay is on the second turnbuckle trying to get the crowd to cheer louder. But instead of cheering the scream, “Behind You!” As he turns his head, he sees Meliodes right behind him smiling with the devil in his eyes. Meliodes grabs Jaquan Shay waist and launches him over his head. Jaquan Shay surprisingly lands on his feet and Meliodes and Jaquan grapple each other trying to establish dominants. Luck seem to be in the favor of Meliodes, for Jaquan prior match with Marcental. Meliodes backs Jaquan into the ropes, and as he stares at Jaquan in the eyes, he sees the fire that is in Jaquan’s eyes. Jaquan reaches down and grabs the legs of Meliodes and tosses him over his head. As Meliodes crashes down on the outside, Jaquan lining up for the follow up.

Meliodes, stands and when he looks up he sees Jaquan Shay in Mid Air, raining down onto him. As Jaquan gets closer, Meliodes side steps, and Jaquan crashes onto the ground. Meliodes jumps on top of Jaquan and starts to punch him with left and right, over and over. A security guard rushes over and pulls him off of Jaquan. The security guard, has Meliodes in a full nelson, pulling him back towards the ramp. As he screams for the security guard to let go of him, Jaquan rushes in and jumps off of the steps to deliver a drop kick to Meliodes, which he is helpless to defend against. As Meliodes and the security guard crashes to the ground, Jaquan delivers some revenges and delivers left and rights of his own to the face of Meliodes.

As Jaquan rolls off of Meliodes to catch his breath, Meliodes lays there laughing. Jaquan looks at him confused at what the anarchy champion is doing. Meliodes, rises to his feet, Jaquan leaned against the barricade. Meliodes yells out,
“That’s All You Got Boy” Jaquan, throws another right hook that catches him on the jaw, and causes Meliodes to take two steps back up the ramp. Each punch drives the Anarchy Champion back a few steps. As they reach the top of the ramp and are on the stage. Jaquan, goes for another punch, but Meliodes picks him off the ground and delivers the Tour of Hell. As Jaquan back crashes onto the stage, he arcs his back in pain. Then from the back Cass LaFave, the Genesis General Manager, walks out onto stage. She turns the man that she once knew as Jon around and sees first hand, the man that was no longer there. And yells loud enough to be caught on the camera.

Cass LaFave:
Jon. You and Jaquan stop this now, I already have one man injured.

As she gives him a disappointed look, Meliodes, steps to the side, as Jaquan delivers an unintentional right hook to the General Manager, causing her to fall to the stage, holding her face in pain. Jaquan bends over to make sure that General Manager was injured. His face tells the story, when he turns around, Meliodes was going to do something, because he lost focus in the fight. As he turns to prove himself right, he was as Meliodes delievers a Spear of Destiny. As his back once again smacks off the stage, Meliodes, laugh as he walks to the back. EMTs grab General Manager Cass LaFave and help her to the backstage.


Later that day, Cass LaFave is backstage in her office, with a ice pack on the spot that Jaquan hit her at. She looked pissed off.

Cass Lafave:
As of immediately, Both Jaquan Shay and Jon Reed is suspended. They both will not be at the upcoming PPV Point Break. And since, Jaquan has qualified already, I am reversing that decision of the match, and Congratulation Marcental. You will take Jaquan spot in the Elimination Chamber.

As she finish her statement, she places the ice pack back on her face.


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