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Post by Funniest Man Alive on Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:51 pm

Adam storms into Cass Lafave's office after his match with Brent King

Adam: You... You, I want answers for all the shit you have put me through. First off, Why Me?
Why out of everyone you could pick you picked me? Is it because of my associaton with Schdimty last season, did Sampson put you up to this? Why would not want someone of my caliber to succeed? Is everyone on this roster in on it?

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Re: Answers

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:45 pm

Cass gets up from her desk with a unexpected smile on her face, welcoming Adam with a gesture to calm down a bit and come on in. Valentine hesitates for a second but then succumbs to her charms, wiping the bead of sweat that was dropping down from his brow and taking a deep breath in and out.

There see, that's better, right? I get that you're upset, Adam, but honestly, there is NO conspiracy out to get you and ruin your career ... Nobody is against you, but yourself, not me, not Dave or the CMV universe. You're getting in your own way, Mr. Valentine, coming up with these ludicrous excuses for why YOU keep letting YOURSELF down ... You're in a slump, everyone in this business hits one eventually, but I know that you can pull yourself out of it and come out of the other side a better man than EVER before! You started off this season STRONG, I want THAT Adam Valentine on my roster, not this guy standing in front of me right now ... So I'll tell you what, I'll make you and offer ...

Adam becomes curious, raising an eyebrow.

What kind of offer ...?

LaFave smirks, sensing that she has him reeled in.

The kind that's too good to turn down. If you do this one thing for me, Adam, I will guarantee you a shot at ANY title of your choosing after Point Break ... What do you say?

The self-proclaimed GOAT rubs his chin, nodding his head up and down as now he is the one grinning like a child on Christmas morning.

Alright, you have my attention ...

LaFave pats Adam on the shoulder and goes to shut her office door, locking out the camera crew as we hear her saying;

Good, now let's talk in private ...

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