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You will break

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You will break

Post by PREDICTION KING on Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:29 pm

Later on in the show, we see Schmidty sitting on a traveling crate with a doctor checking up on him. He has an ice pack on his abdomen to try to aide the pain he's feeling from those nasty ladder shots earlier by Wolf. The doctor however has his flashlight out, checking his pupils for any signs of concuss.

Johnny Sampson

The doctor turns his head to see Johnny walk onto the scene.

Uh, you can't be over here. He needs a thorough check up-

Johnny Sampson
It's my show, I can do what I want. Leave.

You can't deny him my assistance.

Johnny Sampson
He can get it on his own time. Right now he's on my time. And so are you. Leave.

The doctor realizes there's not much he can do or say at the moment so he gives Schmidty a worried look. Schmidty however nods at him, assuring with his body language that he'll be alright. And with that, the doc leaves the two alone. Schmidty stands up to confront Sampson. Staring at him with emotionless eyes.

Johnny Sampson
I need you to understand.....that this....won't let up.

A slight hint of rage fills in his eyes, a v begins to form from his brows, but he fights it off, not trying to give Johnny the satisfaction.

Johnny Sampson
You're a phony. I can see it in your eyes. You're the same man you were before. You don't care about anybody but yourself. That's why you lost everything. And that's why I refuse to give you anything back. Nothing will be the same. You won't have control over this show. You will never see gold again. You will never be with my daughter again. And your son.....my grandson.....he'll never respect you.

Schmidty steps closer to Sampson, this time not hiding the angered expression on his face. Sampson realizing he hit a nerve, shows off his devilish smirk.

Johnny Sampson
You're easy. You think I can't break you? I will. You will break in front of the world. I want you to be in that ring with me, on your knees. I want you to apologize for everything you've done, and admit that at the end of it all, I BEAT YOU!

That's not going to happen.

Johnny Sampson
Oh it will.

Johnny laughs to himself before turning around and walking off. Schmidty shakes his head, and turns around into a SPEAR from Bison!

Johnny Sampson

Sampson returns and kneels beside Schmidty who's squirming in pain. Holding his stomach.

Johnny Sampson
It's easy for me. It's easy Schmidty. To hurt you. You've given me a million reasons to do so.  Don't you see what's going on here? You came back to try to make a change. You thought you could get back the girl, and the job, and the respect. But what you failed to realize that this isn't your story anymore. It's mine. It's how I defended my family. It's how the big bad bully got what's coming to him. You will be an example. For everybody who tries to mess with me in the future. After you get on your knees and apologize and beg for mercy, everybody will see that you don't FUCK with the Sampsons!

He grabs Schmidty by the chin, making sure he looks him in the eyes. Schmidty of course, breathing hard, from the pain and frustration.

Johnny Sampson
You've lost! You hear me?? You've lost and I've won. All you gotta do is admit that. Dark Carnival is already going to happen, but if you have any sense at all, if you really want to be in good health when your boy makes it into this world, then come next Monday, you'll do what I ask.

And with that, Johnny gets up, nodding at Bison before leaving once again.


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