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I see fire, and you're in it! Goodbye Ryan.

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I see fire, and you're in it! Goodbye Ryan.

Post by PREDICTION KING on Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:33 pm

Mr. Dashing
Ryan Riley is now set to go one on one with RGP for the Rising Star Championship at Dark Carnival!

Ryan hops up onto the turnbuckle and throws his arms up, taking in the ovation from the crowd. However, all attention is brought to the PA System when the lights shut off. The dimly lit bulb is on display as Roderick G Pullerman slowly rises into the shot, this time behind the bulb. His Rising Star Championship, resting firmly on his shoulder. His eyes set on the innards of the bulb as he begins to speak.

Roderick G Pullerman
The flames of our past is what strikes the most fear in our present.

His eyes remain fixated on the light.

Roderick G Pullerman
Our scars remain and we spend our lives struggling to forget. Struggling to hold onto what we were before the flames wrapped it's deathly grip around our lives and burned our hopes and dreams to the ground. We try and try to ignore the scars and move on. Success is a way to cope. However, where one may succeed, they will also fail. climb the mountain but you don't know what's waiting for you at the top.........

He now looks past the bulb, down at Ryan in the ring.

Roderick G Pullerman
Now that it's all setting in.....look into my eyes. You'll soon realize that i'm that fire. I've always been the fire, and now that you've submitted your name into a match with me......you'll perish.....just like the rest. You can't run. You can't hide. And no mercy will be shown. I may be the fire that lights your path to failure, but i'm also the darkness consumes you when it's all said and done.

The light suddenly shuts off, as well as the PA System. Then, after several seconds, the lights finally return. However, Ryan realizes, he's no longer alone in the ring when he turns around to see the Rising Star Champion staring right at him.

Mr. Dashing

Oh my god!

Ryan isn't an idiot. If he charges a fresh RGP who's currently supercharged with the momentum of winning a championship, he could end up on the ground. Especially since he just went through a hell of a match. However, staring into the strange eyes of Roderick, he's frozen in his tracks. Even if he wanted to attack, he couldn't. He's lost in the Eyes of Pullerman.

Mr. Dashing
He's staring into the eyes!

Finally, Roderick breaks the tension by kicking Ryan in the gut and then slamming his face into the mat with the EYES OF PULLERMAN! The crowd pops as Pullerman gets on a knee, looking down at his Dark Carnival opponent. And in an almost hushed tone that's faintly picked up by the cameras, we hear the words "Goodbye Ryan." Thus ending the show.


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