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Brass Ring Club looks ahead

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Brass Ring Club looks ahead

Post by KrisSully on Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:39 am

(A lone cameraman waits in the parking lot of the building shortly before Fusion starts)

(A car arrives and and pulls into a space, and the Brass Ring Club exit the vehicle)

(All three men are talking loudly as they approach and proceed to pass the camera man)

Camera Man: Uhh.. Excuse me sirs?...

(Sullivan turns abruptly towards him clearly aggravated)

Sullivan: WHAT?

(Flashyy and Fury step between the two)

Fury: Hey kid, listen, now's not the time... We just got back from Japan... Kris's not feeling well...

(Sullivan steps around Fury)

Sullivan: No... I'm not feeling well... Hell, doctors told me to wrestle with "protective gear" because I keep getting this damn thing re-opened... (Sullivan points to the staples in his forehead)... And to top it all off, we lost in the first damn round-

(Flashyy grabs Sullivan's shoulders)

Flashyy: Hey man, take it easy. Relax. You lost. Dust off. We can get the titles later. Tonight we have a tag match to take care of. One thing at a time.

(Sullivan huffs)

Fury: You good bro?

Sullivan: I'm better.

Fury: It's a start... Now, to business. We lost in Japan. BUT, we're looking forward. We just need a few good wins. We can win ANY title we put our minds to. But we want the Tag Team Championships. We WILL win those titles. Whether or not ATL wins them back. We will not remain out of the picture.

(Flashyy steps in)

Flashyy: Nobody will keep us from the gold. We may not be "Ballers", I don't think we can dance, we don't raise hell. But we will be Tag Champs.

Sullivan: Because it is what we want. We'll move on. We'll move forward. We will not be stopped. Brass Ring Life!

Flashyy: TOO

Fury: DAMN

Sullivan: SWEEEEEET!

(All three men hold up the group Too Sweet)

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Re: Brass Ring Club looks ahead

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:47 am

Great show of comradery here, I'm excited for these guys going forward!

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