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Clash of the Undefeated Streaks

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Clash of the Undefeated Streaks

Post by Red Chocolate on Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:32 pm

The cameras catch up to Brule backstage as they recoup after their match earlier in the show.

ZAIRE: Man, you wanna tell me what the hell happened out there?

Angel suddenly snaps around and grabs Zaire by both shoulders, pulling his tag team partner in close.

ANGEL: I did it for you! I died so you can survive! I tapped so you could live! Live without the shame, the crushing agony of defeat. I wanted you to be able to walk around with your head held high, and say to the world that’s done nothing but hold you back, hold you down, that I, Dule Zaire, was not the reason why our winning streak was snapped like a burned stick. Let it all fall on my shoulders, because I’m strong enough to take it. I’ll carry that burden if it means this team can live on.

Zaire stifles a laugh and slaps Angel’s hands away.

ZAIRE: Man, if this is how you’re gonna act, I’m gonna tap next time.

Angel sighs and stands up, wiping away a tear as he does so.

ANGEL: If there’s a next time.

ZAIRE: Brett, no...

ANGEL: We lost, man. Ilost...you know what has to come next.

ZAIRE: What about everything we’ve fought for?

ANGEL: All for nothing. I’m sorry it had to come to this.

Angel walks off, leaving Zaire to pick up the pieces. Finally he calls out.

ZAIRE: But before you go...

Zaire has to take a moment to gather his thoughts.

ZAIRE: Did you see that booger in Slate’s nose?

Angel quickly pops back into the frame on the opposite side.

ANGEL: I know, right?

ZAIRE: I mean, really.

ANGEL:Completely unprofessional.

ZAIRE: There have to be rules against, that right?

ANGEL: Should I call the police?

ZAIRE: And ain’t they supposed to be his friends?

ANGEL: I’d tell you if you were in that position.

ZAIRE: Promise me.

ANGEL: I swear it on my Genesis career.

ZAIRE: What if it’s still there next time we see him?

ANGEL: I thought that’s what the glove was for.

Suddenly they’re approached on either side by the last team they expected.

ORTIZ: Guys, we just couldn't help but overhear your little conversation here, and we just wanted to say, we one hundred percent agree. I mean, that thing was so big I could even see it from the locker room! Put me right off that spaghetti I was eating. Right, Adam?

SCOTT Well yeah, it was big, but not really any bigger than those tears coming out of Angels eyes over there when he was tapping like a... Spaghetti?

Scott stops before he can finish his thought and pulls on Reeces shoulder, forcing him to face him.

SCOTT You ass! While I was lying concussed in the back, you were eating MY spaghetti?

ANGEL: Yo, that’s what I’m saying. I slaved over a plate for minutes making my man, the ref, a sandwich to apologize for chopblocking him, and the minute I turn my back, this clown inhales it.

ZAIRE: I told you a thousand times that it was an accident.

ANGEL: It was not a thousand times.

ZAIRE: That’s the part of it you want to argue?

ANGEL: At least be accurate. Plus, you even drank the milk.

ZAIRE: But you really think he would just eat and drink something left out in the open? Out here thinking the dude is Santa or something.

ANGEL: Don’t say that name around me. You know Scott, I’m thinking me and you would make for a better team at this point.

SCOTT: Yeah, then we wouldn't have to worry about leaving our food out in the open.

ORTIZ: You wouldn't need to worry about the outcome of the match either. We all know that you'd end up breaking your neck, and little Angel over here couldn't tap out fast enough. Zaire and I would beat you both with our eyes shut, right Zaire?[/quote]

Zaire nods.

ZAIRE: I like the way you think. Stop by my bar, drinks are on the house.

They walk off leaving Scott and Angel alone together.

ANGEL: Well, I don’t have a bar. Let’s stop by his; drinks are on the house.

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