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Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:15 pm

We are half way through Friday Night Genesis when we hear...

The fans are on their feet when they see IMAGINARY FRIENDS come hopping out onto the stage! Cheering loudly for the two as they both take a bow. They smile, truly enjoying the ovation for their much anticipated return. Smiley sporting a snazzy black suit, rocking the men in black look while Freddy wears the new IF T-Shirt, pink jeans and a tall top hat. Fashionable as always and energetic as ever, the duo makes their way down the ramp, slapping hands along the way before finally entering the ring where Smiley reveals a microphone from his jacket pocket.

Smiley Danielson

The fans roar. Smiley passes the microphone over to his boi.

Freddy Osborne
Did you miss us?

The cheers stay at a nice, almost deafening tone.

Freddy Osborne
Well we didn't miss you. JK we missed the hell out of ya!

Smiley takes the mic.

Smiley Danielson
Now that we're back, things are about to heat up! We ain't just back to hop around backstage hopelessly. Nah, we're hear to hop right up back up the trail that we paved before and take back what was ours.

Freddy yanks the mic out of his hand.

Freddy Osborne
My vanilla ice cream cone!

Smiley forcefully takes the mic back from him.

Smiley Danielson

Freddy struggles but is successful in retrieving the mic back from Smiley.

Freddy Osborne
That's right, we are officially, placing our names in that hat!

Freddy drops the microphone and takes off his giant hat, holding it upside down while Smiley takes out a piece of paper, and shows it to the camera so that we know it reads "Imaginary Friends", before placing it in the hat.

Smiley Danielson
KLIQ, we're coming for what's ours and....

Before he can finish his sentence, he's cut off by a familiar theme.



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Post by Solaris Arc on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:04 pm

The crowd immediately stood on their feet, cheering as Chaos & Order slowly walked out from the back. They slowly looked out at the masses before marching their way down to the ring. Nemean quickly grabbed a microphone from nearby.

Reynard slid into the ring, staring doing Imaginary Friends with a small smirk. Nemean climbed in behind him, slowly walking between Nemean and IF. He raised the microphone and finally began to speak.

Nemean Audrey
It has been quite a long time, my friends... Last time the crowd saw you two, you were dragging Reynard and me away from two psychopaths.

Reynard tapped his brother's shoulder, asking for the mic. Nemean obliged and handed it over.

Reynard Audrey
To say that we are glad to see you would be a slight understatement... But, we do have a bone to pick with you two.

You come back and immediately start demanding the Tag Team Championships... But a lot has changed since the beginning of this season... You guys aren't the top team on this brand anymore... 
We are.

Reynard tossed the microphone back to Nemean, who quickly brought it back to his lips.

We don't mean any offense, but my brother is right. We have torn through every single opponent in our path and, frankly, that makes us a much superior choice to take on the Kliq.

Smiley and Freddy looked back at each other, brows raised.

We are superior to every single tag team in this division, if not the entire CMV. We can crush the Kliq under the heels of our boots. But, I'm sure, with enough patience, you two could have a chance against us after we earn those titles.

Nemean smirked and dropped the mic as he and his brother jumped out of the ring and headed up the ramp, staring down IF as the show cut to a commercial break.


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