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Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:47 am

Gary Reed and Boone trade blows after the bell rings and the match ends with disqualification. Boone being the victor. All while the brawl is going down at the bottom of the ramp, Luger is looking furious. Like a spark in his mind, he loses it. He shakes his head, absolutely livid, kicking the ring steps which can only be heard rather than seen since the cameras are focused on the brawl. However, he doesn't care what kind of beef is going down. He lifts up the ring apron, and pulls out a steel chair.

Dashing Urie

Boone is not backing down! He's giving it to Reed!

Reed cracks Boone across the jaw once more, sending him towards the ring apron. However, from his side view he see's a steel chair smack him across the face!

Dashing Urie

OH!! Luger!!

Boone raises his head up only to catch a glimpse at the chair before it's drilled into his gut. As he bends over in pain, Luger smacks the chair across his back, dropping him to the ground.

Dashing Urie
Luger is losing his shit over losing this by DQ! Like I said, i'm not sure if Boone qualifies or not but I don't think Luger even cares.

Luger stands in between both of their downed bodies, still with the chair in hand.

Bob Luger
How....fucking.....DARE YOU!

He then begins to slam the chair down on their broken bodies, back and forth, over and over again until a swarm of referees comes running out to stop the assault.

Dashing Urie
That's disgusting! I get it he's upset but to assault these two with a steel chair like that? Uncalled for!

Luger finally stops, dropping the now broken chair and backing up the ramp with his arms in the air.

Bob Luger
Go back to Reality Wrasslin!

He then turns around and heads backstage.


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