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Silva against all

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Silva against all

Post by KrisSully on Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:43 am

*Lisa Evans stands backstage microphone in hand*

Lisa: Hello ladies and gentlemen, Lisa Evans here and I have a special guest here tonight. The newest member of the Genesis roster, the "Portuguese God of Wrestling" Kevin Silva.

*Kevin Silva steps into view of the camera and stands next to Lisa*

Lisa: So Kevin, now that you're here on Genesis what are your plans going forward?

*As Lisa holds the microphone to Kevin's chin the camera focuses on Kevin's face*

Kevin: Lisa, o plano nunca mudou. Meu plano é ser o Deus que Gênesis precisa. Oh of course I forgot you don't speak Portuguese. I plan to be the shining God this place, Genesis needs. First, my sights are on the Rising Star Championship. I will not stop until it is mine. Verdadeiramente Gênesis precisa ser cauteloso. RGP. Você não é um deus. E você não é Estrela.

*Silva glares at the camera for a moment then leaves*

*Camera focuses on Lisa*
*Lisa stands there almost awkwardly for a moment*

Lisa: Well, I guess thats all for now everybody.

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