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The Deck Desperate For Redemption

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The Deck Desperate For Redemption

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:17 pm

[center]*The Camera Cuts Backstage To Where Already Standing Bye In Position Is Lisa Evans. The Crowd Is Unsure On What To Expect But The Silent Crowd Soon Erupts Into Simultaneous Cheers As The Recently Recovered Percy Simmons Enters The Frame*

That Reception Was Truly Heartwarming, From The Bottom Of My Heart Thank You, Words Cannot Express How Much I Missed Doing What I Love.

Lisa Evans:Percy, Last Week We Saw Your Shocking Return To CMV After A Career Threatening Injury To Your Neck, Why Would You Take Such A Risk By Going Against Doctors Advice And Step Back Into The Squared Circle Just Two Months After The Event?

Why Am I Back? The Deck Is Back Here In CMV Lisa Because Iam The Undisputed Future and I Was Determined, I Was Fixated, I Had This Obsession That I Was Not Going To Allow A Low-Life Like Curtis Heist End My Career, Someone With That Kind Of Attitude And Mentality Simply Does Not Deserve That Satisfaction And Well Lisa I'm Back Here On The Fusion Brand To Fur-Fill My Potential, To Live Up To Not Only What I Proclaim To Be. But What I Know Iam.

When I Arrived There Was A Hype Train In Full Steam Behind Me I Was Riding Waves Of Momentum But That Was All Overshadowed Through My Conflict With Heist. Now That Hatchet Is Far From Being Buried No Doubt But Right Now, Right Now Im Going To Relish And Thrive With The Idea He Is Gone, Because Now There Is No Excuse, No Roadblocks And The Living Turbulence That Is Percy Simmons Can Take Flight To The Top. Soon The Undisputed Future Will Become The Undisputed PRESENT. Time Is Something I Grew To Appreciate In My Absence, Counting Down The Days Layed In The Hospital Bed And Lisa It Was A Life Lesson. There Is No Time To Waste Any Minute, Any Second Everything You Love And Enjoy Can Be Swept From Underneath Your Feet, Which Is Why Iam Wasting No Time In Carving Myself A Name Here In CMV, Starting Now, And Starting With This Ladder Match Recently Announced. Sampson I Know Your Watching. And I Know What You Think Of Me, And I Asp Know Your Emotions Are Running High Tonight But Im Not Looking For Confrontation, All Im Asking For Is A Chance To Show You, To Show The World, The Doctors, The Physios They Bet Against Me And Look At Me Now. The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Is Ruling Me Out. Please Sampson, One Shot. ONE SHOT AT REDEMPTION, One Shot To Get My Career Back On Track, Because With That One Shot I'll Take Monday Night Fusion, And Make It... MONDAY... NIGHT.... SIMMONS.

Lisa Evans: Percy Don't You Think This Is Too Soon, Maybe Your Getting Ahead Of Yourself I Mean So Soon After A Career Threatening Injury You Want To Participate In A Ladder Match?*

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... I Appreciate The Concern And All But I'm Highflying, I'm Stagediving  And It's The Only Way I Know, This Ain't Ego Lisa, This,, Its Confidence But It Is 100% Pure And Organic.  Because I Know What I'm Capable Of In That Ring, On This Microphone Hell Put Me On Commentary. You Got The Spotlight I Got The Goodtime You Know What in Saying?

Lisa Evans: Erm Yeah.. I Guess

No Lisa You Don't Know What I'm Saying, Because You've Never Seen It For Your Own Eyes. My Stint Here In CMV Has Been A Movie Trailer If You Will, A Prelude And A PRE- VIEW.. Of What's To Come. Sampson Hear Me Loud And Clear, One Shot Sampson, Deep Down I Know Your A Betting Man ONE Gamble And Like A Vegas Casino I WILL... Hit The Jackpot,

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Re: The Deck Desperate For Redemption

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:05 pm

I could feel Percy's emotion here in this one and that can sometimes be hard to truly convey, great work!

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