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Respecting Your Elders

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Respecting Your Elders

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:40 pm

It's episode #114 of Friday night Genesis that this scene takes place, opening up on the backstage area as the CMV World Tag Team champions, Xander Slate and Randy Borton, are preparing for their non-title match-up with the very impressive and currently unbeaten, Dule Zaire and Brett Angel, later on in the evening. Slate is wrapping his left hand up with tape while Borton is making sure that his fohawk is looking fresh too death, when they are both interrupted by the passing by, Mega Stars, Paul Anderson and Dave Turner. Old school CMV fans will surely be marking out at this moment, four of CMV's OGs all standing together, but the feeling in the air is tense, Xander smirking while he looks Dave up and down.

Still standing, eh old man?

Dave laughs, sending a shot right back at The Show.

Old man? If I'm old, than you must be near death.

Xander shakes his head, standing up from the steel chair that he was sitting in, now looking over at Paul while Randy is still busy assuring that his eyebrows are, "on fleek."

Didn't even know that you were still alive, to be honest.

Anderson nods his head, Dave giggling at that as well.

As alive as the day that I beat you to win the CMV World Heavyweight championship ... Come to think of it, you too, Dave!

All three of them now share a hardy laugh, Borton too but he didn't even actually hear what was said, now touching up his beard.

You know, honestly, you guys should join Kliq! Both former champs, I'd have to talk with Bob, but damn, it'd be good to have you with us.

Dave and Paul share a glance like, "yeah, right."

No offense, Slate, but we don't agree at all with what you guys are doing here, it's- well, for lack of a better word; disgusting. And plus, if we joined you, we wouldn't be able to take those very pretty looking Tag Team titles from you!

Xander's demeanor changes very quickly, now tapping on Randy's shoulder to grab his attention as he was cleaning his ears and trimming his nose hairs.

Jesus Christ, Borton, you ain't getting ready for a date! Now listen to this; these two chumps think that they can beat us for OUR belts!

The Milk Man scoffs, cocking his head to the side as if to say, "for real?"

Yeah, and I'm the pope!

We don't THINK that we can beat you two idiots, we KNOW that we can.

It'd be child's play if I'm honest about it.

The OG Dirty Heel expresses his bewildered reaction with a snide remark under his breath.

Couldn't even beat Zaire and Angel ...

We were rusty as a team, it's been years, but now that we knocked that ring rust off, you better believe that your precious reign is in trouble.

Well how about you watch us beat those morons tonight, and do what you failed miserably to, then, MAYBE, we'll think about giving you a shot at us, if we feel like it, you know.

Dave and Paul in unison shake their heads, heading off down the hallway but managing to get one last word in, Anderson calls back.

Can't wait to see you both choke!

Slate sighs, looking over at his good brother who is now waxing his chest while singing It's Raining Men, Xander just hanging his head and walking off ...

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


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