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Always look on the brighter side of things

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Always look on the brighter side of things

Post by Childish Meltzer on Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:34 am

The cameras open up somewhere in a dark alley. It is night time as the street lights light up the streets. Businesses have closed, all except the all-night ones, and any kind of good people have gone to bed while the hoodlums are out roaming the street this early in the morning. As the cameras fade back into the walkway of the alleyway, Chet Taylor comes strutting out cigarette in mouth.  He looks around on the sidewalk where Cody Douglas and Aaron Waite happen to stand. Taylor flicks his cigarette at Waite direction just missing him and turns his direction back to the camera.

Chet Taylor
.......Always look on the bright side of life.

As the sarcastic voice of Chet Taylor fills the air.

Chet Taylor
It doesn’t matter what size of a shit storm hits you, you should always look on the bright side, man. That’s what they want you to do. They want you to ignore the lies, ignore the hatred in civilization that costs lives, money and dreams. They want you turn the other cheek and that’s when they stab you in the back. The false King sits upon his throne of lies and deceit, waving his sceptre and barking orders at his minions. He has everything but a crown. His people hang on every single word, their hearts melted and their minds corrupted by the vile and putrid sound of dishonesty. It feels so real, man. This Kingdom he now lords over like a dark cloud, it believes in the lies it is told because it knows no better. All praise be the virtue of Georgie King, the warped and delusional people bellow into the darkness. All hail the King. He hath come to save us from the shadow and bring us into the glory of light.

Taylor looks back towards Waite and Douglas

Chet Taylor
If you do not bow before him, he will hunt you down and try to vanquish you from "his Kingdom". Because you see man, this "Kingdom" of his, it’s dependent on your love and sacrifice. It’s dependent on your absolute devotion to him. Without these, the foundation crumbles. The walls begin to crack and break, the canvas begins to bend and warp. The ropes sag and the Kingdom wilts. Without a Kingdom to rule, without his order and decree, he stands atop the apex of a mountain on the flesh and bone of the inadequate and becomes leader of naught, ruler of nothing.

Looking at the rest of Syndicate, they walk into the building from the back and head towards the gorilla position and out onto the tunnel that tops the stairs. The arena is empty, not a soul in sight as they filter down the steps.

Chet Taylor
But alas, each and every single one of you will support this Kingdom, feed it, nurture it, be ruled by it until the day comes in which you are cast out. Only then will you understand what you’ve created, man. Sitting in that chair of lies and deceit, built upon the foundations, is a man falsely claiming to be your King. Sat there, missing his crown, is a man that wishes to take from you and return nothing.

Once inside the ring, they kneel. Taylor runs a hand across the canvas, taking it in.

Chet Taylor
This heaven you people believe is your salvation, this safe haven, it is nothing more than a fairy-tale fabricated to keep you in line. This Kingdom is ours. The crumbling foundation, the broken walls and fire ravaged structures belong to us. We don’t charge you admission to be entertained. All we ask is that when you look around this Kingdom, when you see the posters, the videos and the propaganda of a King that needs you to survive, you rip them down, you take them all down, man. And then you read some real news.....


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