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The Post Conference

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The Post Conference

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:49 am

As Cyberslam 3 concludes, the fans leave the arena, as Sukonov walks off to the back. Heyman waits for him in the gorilla position, as he walks the Russian Brute to the conference room, where cameramen and interviewers are their, awaiting the newly founded Heyman Dynasty. They get to the room, with Julia and Brock sitting in their seats. The crowd talk amongst themselves, as Guri finds his seat next to Julia. Heyman however, stands in the middle of the tables set up, which would be for the introduction he’s going to give...

Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to the post-match interview “showcase” of sorts for both the current Alpha World Champion, Guri Sukonov, and the returning BROOOOCK LESNAR!! We will be answering a handful of questions, being that we are on a strict time schedule so we’ll be needing to get out of here in about an hour or so. So let the questions commence.

Afew seconds pass, as the men and women in the crowd confine their questions, getting their notes together and what not. A hand goes up, as Heyman points it out silently. It’s a small, scrawny man wearing glasses and rocking a tiny moustache.

Interviewer 1: Um...this goes to Brock Lesnar. So why did you come back to CMV after almost 2 years being away from the squared circle?

Heyman: Brock has been a busy man over the past years, being in highlight main events in UFC and brandishing his name throughout the world. CMV was his 2nd priority, being that IF and WHEN he did come back, that it was impactful and surprising. And that is what it was. The fans on the PRESHOW, might I add, were in awe at the return of the Suplex Machine, Brock Lesnar.

Another hand goes up, being a small beautiful woman, wearing glasses with thick lenses. Heyman would also point her out as well.

Interviewer 2: Mr. Sukonov, how does it feel that you’ve beaten Elijah Stewart for the second time in a row, knowing about the injuries and attacks from Kliq the past month?

As Heyman was about to answer, Sukonov puts his hand on his shoulder, letting him know that it was his question. Heyman stepped back abit, letting the Russian have the spotlight.

Sukonov: It brings me pain to hear about Stewart outcome in all this. He is a man worth fighting, the definition of a true underdog. BUT, I was not going to let injured pup ruin MY legacy. I am Guri Sukonov and I am still your Alpha World Champion. And when Chamber sets, I will be coming out as winner and retainer of Alpha World Championship. And throughout months, maybe years, I will show people true power of Guri Sukonov. Because you have only seen beginning of Guri Sukonov, and I will be strongest throughout rest of career, holding Alpha World Championship.

Sukonov lets Heyman know to pack it up, as the Russian Brute walks past Julia and Brock, looking as if he didn’t care for the questions or the press conference in general. Heyman paces towards Sukonov, with Julia and Brock following. The interviewers were confused, as that concluded the questions for the Sukonovs and Lesnar...

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