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The Conspiracy Continues

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The Conspiracy Continues

Post by Funniest Man Alive on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:44 am

Adam pissed at happened what happened at CyberSlam, takes a microphone

Adam: Well Folks, Looks like CMV is trying to insult your intelligence once again, you know it seems supscious that I would just happen to lose in the last couple hours of the poll by just 1 vote. Given the fact I was leading through out it, Like maybe a certain Martani or Lafave had something to do with it, I mean I guess this another example of The Adam Valentine Conspiracy,I mean, Look at the polls for example, Jon won one in a landslide and I lost one in the last second, seems to me that this was constructed in a way to make sure I didn't get on the card, didn't get a paycheck, and not be your new International Champion, but always... The Conspiracy Continues

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