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I See Through You

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I See Through You

Post by Solaris Arc on Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:02 pm

Monday Night Fusion returns from a commercial to a sight of Johnny Sampson sitting down in his office. He had been going through a rather rough night already, but even a few rough headaches couldn't stop him from doing his job. However, whatever work he was busy on was quickly interrupted by a knock on the door. He sighed.

Johnny Sampson
Come in.

The door slowly opened, with Josh Wolf slowly walking in. Sampson grinned happily and stood up, raising his arms.

Wolf, my boy! How's Fusion's next big prodigy?

Wolf glared at Sampson and shook his head.

Josh Wolf
I can see right through you, Sampson. Cut the "next big prodigy" crap and tell me what you wanted to talk about.

I'm just saying the truth, Josh. But fine... Last week you went on a small tirade online... Talking about my uh... "Reliance"... On Bison and King, right? Well listen, I know you're thirsty for some blood and action, but I don't think you understand my predica-

I understand it full and well, Sampson. You've got a vendetta against Schmidty. I have a vendetta too, except the person I have a vendetta against is a man you are seemingly sucking off.

Sampson slowly glared angrily at Wolf, standing up from his chair and leaning up against the desk.

Yeah, my dealings with King may seem sketchy to you... But here's the thing, kind. Your vendetta against King ended at Sacrifice. And your vendetta with that trailer park trash on the other brand ended when you signed your contract.

It's a temporary contract, Sampson.

Maybe for now. But in a few months from now, you might change your mind, right? Listen kid, I see you going far here on Fusion... Where did you get while on Genesis, huh?

Two-Time Rising Star Champion... MVP at the Rumble... Defeating Ryan Kent... One of the youngest rookies to ever enter the Chamber...

Sampson chuckled softly shaking his head.

Yes... And that was all you had. Listen, here on the green brand. The Top Tier Show. I look at young talent and bring them to the spotlight.

Anyone with a cent's worth of common sense knows that's bullshit, Johnny. You bring young talent into the spotlight, huh? Well, I guess Miles Kelly had a nice spotlight when his career ended. I guess that "young and upcoming talent" in Paul Divine will love getting the spotlight of possibly becoming a double champion...

Sampson slowly walked over, glaring at Wolf with a cheap smirk.

Alright kid... Tell me what you want? Title shots, got it. Main Events, can do... But... You aren't getting any of that unless you do two simple things.

You shut the fuck up....
And get with the program....

Wolf showed no intimidation as he kept up the glare with Sampson, who slowly distanced himself.

I have faith in you Josh... You're the kind of kid this show needs.... But, enough talk about the future... Let's discuss the now.

I need you to forget about your little blood feud with Kliq and King here, alright? I know you dislike them, hate them, DESPISE them. But I need King for now... He's useful in helping get back at Schmidty... You understand right?

And yet neither he nor Bison has managed to beat Schmidty yet... If you want your vendetta with Schmidty dealt with, then just send me in there.

If Fenrir and I could make quick work of King, than I can do the same with Schmidty...

...Alright... I'll think about that... But, until I make my decision, I've got some basic work for you... Keep you from getting some ring rust, got it? Now get ready for your match.

Wolf shook his head and slowly walked out. Johnny sighed and slowly took a seat back in his chair, pondering to himself as the camera faded.


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