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The Deadly Sins: Prolouge

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The Deadly Sins: Prolouge

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:40 pm

As Jon Reed, well this Man in Jon Reed clothing, walks backstage the Anarchy Championship dragging behind him.
His eyes surrounded by the facepaint that was chipping off, and the blood from the cut Aliester gave him early in the match.

He drags the Championship down the hallway. As the camera follows behind him, Lisa Evans runs around the corner and bumps into Jon.

Lisa backs up, Jon stares at her, his eyes searing with anger.

Lisa Evans:
I'm sorry Jon. I didn't mean to bump into you.
But since I got you here, you mind if I ask you some questions.

Reed takes in a deep sigh, before responding.

Jon Reed:
If you must, just make it quick.

Jon gritted his teeth, as Lisa Evans began the interview.

Lisa Evans:
Jon for the last several months we seen a side of you, that well simply put dark. Some of the CMV Universe wanted to know, is Jon still in there.

Jon Reed:
Jon is locked up. He is enjoying his favorite sins from inside my mind. Greed, Lust, Gluttony, and Pride. For these Sins are part of the 7 demonic link between all humans. Everyone has us, and everyone hides us deep down inside them, looked in cages. But for some humans, when they are at their loses of lows, we can make deals with them. We can make deals to lock them into our cage and we take over.

Lisa who is looking confused replies.

Lisa Evans:
And which sin are you?

The devilish smirk appears as he begins to devilishly chuckle.

Jon Reed:
Me. I'm Meliodes the Sin of Wrath! And doesn't it feel good to be alive in this world. Of course you humans are filthy pig most of the time. Like I could smell you wrench from the ring.

Lisa bites her bottom lip, clearly displeased with what was said.

Lisa Evans:
Well I guess, Meliodes, what are you going to do
to celebrate your win to night? And how does it feel to be the CMV Anarchy Champion?

Jon, I mean Meliodes, looks down at the Championship that he has been dragging down the hallway.

This scrap metal? This is the deal I made this vessel. I achieved his dreams for him. I ain't leaving this plane of existence. I not going to celebrate. This Championship is what's keeping me on this plane, so I not risking loses this belt. So I be waiting.

Meliodes scuff pass Lisa continuing to drag the championship down the hall.


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