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Innocent Bystander ...

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Innocent Bystander ...

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:36 pm

It's on Monday night Fusion #114 that this scene takes place, opening up on the office of general manager, Johnny Sampson. The Boss is at his desk, his face as red as an iron poker, sweating profusely to the point where he's had to remove his suit jacket, his undershirt stained under the pits and around his neck. You can tell that he is in the foulest of moods as his phone rings, he picks it up to look at the caller ID and then whips it at the wall, shattering into pieces he then slams his fists down onto the top of his desk. That's when a knock comes at his door, the first few times he doesn't hear it, busy sulking, but then at about the fifth time he perks up. He's obviously been expecting someone, "Laura!?" he murmurs ... Leaping out of his chair he zips over to the door and swings it open, only to find that it's not his estranged daughter, but instead Mr. Money in The Bank, Jacob Ziegler. The Scotsman takes one look up and down at Johnny and exclaims, "Oh boy, should I come back or?" Sampson pays him no mind, having not even one ounce of a care to deal with him, but Ziegler decides that it's a good idea to press on.

I ugh, well to be honest, I'm a bit sick of you not giving me my rightful match with Hayden, you know, it's starting to ...

The Pride of Scotland pauses when he sees that Johnny is not even listening to him, returning to his desk instead with his head in his hands.

OI! You better-

Sampson launches up to his feet and as if in an instant is in Jacob's face, breathing down on him with his hot breath, spit flying like venom from his words ...


Suffice to say that Ziegler is shook, frozen in place, he can only blink as Johnny carries on viciously.

I am so SICK, of you, and Hayden, and oh, that fucking asshole, Schmidty, of EVERYONE, thinking that they are king shit ... I AM KING SHIT! THIS IS MY CASTLE! And nobody, you hear me? Nobody will take it from me ever again ... What- what you were gonna just come strutting in here, chest puffed out and, haha, you were gonna what? Try to intimate me!? You want a match, Jacob, okay, I'll give you a match, yeah, next week on Fusion ... AGAINST BISON!!!

Ziegler moves forward in an attempt to plead with the irate Sampson but it backfires even worse, Johnny pushes him back and once more gets directly, mere INCHES away from his face ...

WHAT!? That's not enough for you, buddy? WELL DON'T FRET! Because at Dark Carnival, hmmm, let's see, yes! It'll be YOU ... Against FIVE other superstars ... In a LADDER match, ugh, well, FOR YOUR BRIEFCASE!!!

The Scotsman's jaw drops, he shakes his head like a mad man, the words, "no" and, "please!" leaving his mouth a great number of times but Johnny will have none of it, shouting for security, two men come in to drag Jacob away kicking and screaming, while Sampson sits slowly back down into his seat, sighing heavily ... He needed that ...

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