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CMV Goes French Part Un

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CMV Goes French Part Un

Post by HardlineOyster on Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:21 am

Our segment opens up to a recruiting agent from CMV, accompanied by a camera crew.
Hello CMV Universe, in case you guys don't know, I've been tasked with searching, and recruiting future stars to be a CMV wrestler. Now today, we are in beautiful Grenoble, France, because we got word that there was someone interested in becoming a CMV wrestler, and they told us to meet them at the local gym here for a preview of this guys strengh, so without further ado, let's go.

The next 30 seconds consists of a montage showing off the views and towns of France.

Later, In The Local Gym

The scene then opens up to the Recruiter sitting down with an old fellow known as Freeman(NOT THE ACTOR). The old man wears a blue bowl shaped hat, along with a blue suit.

So are "You" really interested in this opportunity?

Before Freeman can answer, the two are interrupted by the loud cheers of the guys and girls watching an unknown figure working out. The two then just ignore the loud noise and continue on.

Oh yes my good sir, I think this will benefit both us, and your bosses. Now let's talk the important matters.  

Ok yes we can. Now, what in-ring skills do you possess?

Excuse me?

The recruiter then starts to have a confused look, as he asks the question again to Freeman, only to be given the same answer, but is then interrupted again by the loud cheers.

OH MY GOD WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP!!! JESUS!!! I mean don't people have respect anymore, it's just a guy working out.

That "Guy" working out is my client.

After hearing that statement, the recruiter then has a frightened look on his face and develops a stutter.

Wait, you me- me- mean, y-  y- you're not who I came for?

Before the recruiter can think, a 6'4 hulking man, wearing a large red tank top, which has the phrase "French Superman" on it, stands beside him. The big French man then proceeds to the side of the table where Freeman is sitting.

My good sir, this is Aldrich, the strongest man in all of France. And he doesn't speak much English so don't try it.

Ok, well just to get straight to the end, I think we can most likely get Aldrich on Genesis.

Freeman then translates into French for Aldrich, and he replies back.

I'm sorry but Aldrich refuses to be on Genesis, that show doesn't deserve him, and Fusion won't either. In fact, we've already had this discussion before you got here. Aldrich wants to be on Unmatched!!! Now that's the deal, and if you or the management can't accept him, then there are other places my client can be.

The recruiter goes to speak, but he is cut off by the old man.

Actually, as a matter of fact, we aren't discussing this with you. Me and Aldrich want to talk to whoever is running Unmatched, so me and Aldrich will be taking our leave now, and go discuss this matter with the manager of Unmatched. Good Day Sir

Aldrich and Freeman then leave the gym, ending the segment


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