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The Reveal

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The Reveal

Post by HellishxHades on Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:15 pm

As Friday Night Genesis returns from commercial break, we hear some new music hit the P.A. System.

The crowd boo as Tyson Cage comes on to the stage, clean shaven and new hairstyle, he dressed all fancy, so fancy he looks ridiculous. Tyson smiles as he sees that not much has changed. He walks down to the ring. He is holding a microphone in his hand. He slowly takes his time to get in the ring. He is all smiles as the crowd continue to boo him. Some of the crowd begins to chant “Go Back to Hollywood.”

Tyson Cage:
Well. Hi. I'm back. Back from filming one of the greatest movie in the history of film making. I was granted the pleasure of being able to be apart of this movie. This movie had been in development since 2018. They couldn't find the perfect lead. That was until the director, Christopher Nolan himself discover me at Ascendance when I won the Tag Team Championship from Desolation.

The crowd begins to chant, “We Want Suraci!”

In case you all don't know, Christopher Nolan, he directed the Batman Begin trilogy. He directed Insomia, The Following, Dunkirk. The Inception, The Prestige, and Interstellar. Christopher Nolan, asked me personally if I would be interested in playing the title character in his new project that he was signed on to film. And of course I said yes.

The crowd continues to chant “We Want Suraci!”

I dropped a tweet yesterday that contained a hashtag. #TCisMK. Many people couldnt grasp what the TC stood for. And don't act like you ain't one of them, you all were most of those who didn't understand it.

The crowd begins to boo.

For those that don't know what TC stood for, it so obvious. TC stood for Tyson Cage. That's right you unintelligent city slickers. My initial are TC. But that only the first half of the hashtag. Tyson Cage is MK. Some of the more intelligent people, not you all of course, asked Tyson Cage is Mortal Kombat? No, Mortal Kombat died with MKX. Some asked if it was Tyson Cage is Master Kane, and I did some reading. Master Kane is some dumb redneck from Tennessee that was a slave owner. As a proud Canadian I would never stoop so low to play a slave owner. Its about time. About time to reveal the movie. Tyson Cage is …

Tyson points at the titantron and a trailer played.

(Please ignore the Netflix part, couldn't find a good trailer without one.)

The crowd well the portion that love Marvel Movies start to go Crazy over this announcement.

Tyson Cage:
That's right, Tyson Cage is Moon Knight! I am the newest member in the Marvel’s  Family. You all can watch Moon Knight on December 21st the Winter’s Solstice, the darkest day of the year.

But that is a couple of months away. Tonight, I gonna to show Mr. Boone Juice the power of the Moon, and dominate him.

The crowd still in shock over the announcement of the Movie, wait as Samuel Boone theme plays.


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