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Type of Guys ...

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Type of Guys ...

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:11 pm

Scott Norrie is the greatest wrestler of all time. I am firm in my opinion and you cannot tell me otherwise.

I disagree, I think there are some other wrestlers with better resumes.

For sure.

Both men are taken out of their very interesting discussion as the door to their hotel room comes swinging open, it's Chris Adams! He's huffing and buffing, obviously out of breath as a bead of sweat drips down from his right brow, gliding off of his chin and hitting the floor. Slate stands up and puts his hands on his hips, perplexed as to what in the hell Adams is doing here.

Ugh, hey Chris, what's up, buddy?

In between breaths, Adams sighs and wipes the moisture off of his forehead.

I had to get the hell away from UnMatched, man, DSD is the champion now and that guy does NOT like me too much, I ain't about to be subjugated to his wicked rule.

I'm a bad match-up for DSD.

Adams and Slate look at Randy with confusion for a moment and then return their attention to each other.

Don't worry, bro, you'll get that title back soon enough. Come join, we're just hanging out until Genesis tomorrow, got some beers, you want one?

Is it Mike's Hard?

100% lose my number because we can't be friends with you liking Mike's Hard.

Slate shakes his head and instead tosses Chris a water.

Just passed by that ring announcer of yours, what's her name ...? She's smoking, man!

Thicker than a Snickers.

So, Marcantel and Pierre this Sunday, huh? You guys feeling confident about that?

Xander scoffs, rolling his eyes as if that were the most ridiculous question ever asked.

No, we're not confident. We don't have to be confident, because there's just simply no way in hell that those two personified FAILURES are going to be able to even work together let alone beat us! Sure, okay, they got lucky three weeks ago and alright, Marcantel, was graced by God himself last week, but those were pure strokes of good fortune for them ... Come CyberSlam, with the gold on the line, they will CHOKE, just like they ALWAYS do, and KLIQ, will remain on top, as it should be!

Randy suddenly pops up out of his chair frantically.

OH NO! I forgot to gel my eyebrows!!!

He runs off into the bathroom and slams the door shut behind him, we hear some clanging and Borton murmuring to himself while Xander shrugs his shoulders and Adams laughs.

Anyway, haha, you're right, man, there ain't no way that they're gonna beat you this Sunday, I mean, Pierre the type of guy to sing while watering the plants.

Slate spits up some beer, as he uses his sleeve to dry his mouth, he decides to play along.

Yeah, Marcantel is the type of guy that washes his hands BEFORE peeing.

Pierre the type of dude to use his blinkers when there's no other cars on the road.

Marcantel the type of dude to bend over in front of women so that they notice his ass

Pierre the type of guy to put milk in a bowl first then add cereal.


Randy exits the washroom, his eyebrows gelled, letting out a big yawn, he looks at his good brothers and smiles bright.

You guys wanna go grab some caramel, macchiato, no sugar, double cream, half-espresso, pumpkin spice, ice coffees?

Adams and Slate in unison get up to leave, Borton chasing after them as the scene fades to black ...

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Re: Type of Guys ...

Post by PREDICTION KING on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:11 am

Loved this man.


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