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A Hatred Run Deep

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A Hatred Run Deep

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:57 pm

That little weasel ...

The shot opens up on a frustrated, Johnny Sampson, who sits behind his desk with his hands folded together. On the other side of the desk stands Travis King, and next to him, Paul Heyman, flanked by Bison. Big Johnny suddenly slams the palms of his hands down onto the tabletop, causing Paul to jump back but King and Bison remain motionless, Sampson now up to his feet pacing back and forth.

Neither of you could get the job done, how, HOW, did he possibly manage to beat you both in the span of twenty-four hours!? Bison, you were meant to destroy him at Sacrifice, make sure that it was his final CMV match ever ... And Travis, you have a reason to hate him more than even ME! But somehow, you allowed him to not just defeat you, but beat your ass!

King snarls as Heyman moves forward, looking to plea with the irate Fusion GM.

What happened at Sacrifice ... That was a one in a million hit from Schmidty, he got lucky against my client just as any man who has ever beaten him has ... But that luck that saved his life inside of Hell in a Cell won't strike twice tonight ... Schmidty will be torn limb from limb in that ring later on by THE BEAST, and Mr. King, you have my word on that, Johnny!

A scoff leaves Sampson's mouth, rolling his eyes, he doesn't buy Paul's claims for even a second. The Boss sighs with a slow shake of his head, looking up at the three faces that are waiting on his command.

Tonight won't be enough ... It was never going to be enough if I'm being honest ... For what he did to me, this show ... My son ... My daughter ... He hasn't even truly begun to repent for his sins against the Sampson name ... NO! He will suffer, he will be PLEADING and BEGGING for me to show him just an ounce of mercy when I'm finished showing him the same kind of treatment that he put us through ... Playing this off as if I'M the bad guy now, has everyone forgotten what he did last season? Just like that??? Now I'm being told that I'm a- a monster, that I'm no better than him- SCREW THAT!

With sweat pouring down his face Johnny again strikes the desk, this time chipping away at the wood a bit, his fury causing him to not be aware of his own strength ...

Every week, every single show he'll be in that ring, and he'll be subjugated to the most extreme circumstances that I can fathom, until he knows what true suffering really is ... And at Dark Carnival, he'll wish that he had never crossed me, that he had never even LOOKED in my baby girl's direction ... He'll face you both, in back to back matches, first against you King, in a Lethal Lockdown match, and then if he's still breathing somehow, he'll be tossed to you Bison, in a Last Man Standing match!

This meeting is brought to a stand-still as Johnny looks up to see Laura standing in the doorway of his office, holding onto her stomach, she's now showing ... She had heard everything that he was saying about the father of her child, a single tear streaming down her cheek ...

Daddy ... You said, you PROMISED me that this wasn't going to happen ... You're going mad with hate, PLEASE, don't do this!

Johnny looks away from his only daughter, not wanting to see her like this, but deep down inside his pride simply won't allow him to forget what Schmidty did to him and his family.

That's okay, Laura ...

In an instant Johnny is filled with a red-hot rage, turning back to see that Schmidty is now standing behind Laura in the doorway, staring him down ...

(Open to Batman <3)

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Re: A Hatred Run Deep

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:27 am

I don't care what kind of feelings you have towards me Johnny. What happened, with the show and between you and I, i'm not sorry about. I was making an impact as a professional wrestler, it's what I do. I'm not here again to drop to my knees and beg for mercy. No, i'm here for Laura....and the baby.

He pointed to Laura who showed a sly smile for the changed attitude of Schmidty.


I will walk through the fiery depths of hell if that meant leaving something worth leaving for that baby. My legacy is at stake here. I could of just given up, but it's not about me anymore.

He steps up and gets in Johnny's face who's still full of rage.

Or you......but I understand that you have some sort of feelings. You don't want me here. But i'm here. And if that means you gotta throw these extreme challenges at me, then so be it, i'm not breaking.

Johnny Sampson

You know what......i'm calling your bluff. You're not here for your kid. Or my daughter. You're the same selfish little punk you was before I fired you.

That's how you feel.....but like I said....it's not about you.

And with that, Schmidty turns around, seeing Laura, nods and then leaves the room. Johnny still fuming, now more than ever.

Laura Sampson

Johnny Sampson
No! I'm going to out him for what he is! He will beg when i'm done with him!

Paul stands up.

Paul Heyman

You could get that sooner rather than later Mr. Sampson. Because tonight, he steps into the ring with not one but TWO BEASTS! He may of gotten one over them individually but he will fail tonight. Don't you worry about that.

Johnny Sampson

And with that, Johnny storms out. Then Laura. Then Paul and Bison. Leaving only Travis who shrugs and pulls out a Kliq It to enjoy while the show fades to commercial.


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