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The Ogre's Yard

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The Ogre's Yard

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:22 pm

Referee Perry White calls for the bell and this main event match-up is once again stopped, but this time via disqualification, as Luger knees Matsuda in the gut, tossing him into the ring with blood trickling down his chin from a cut on his lip. But Bob gets blindsided by Guri, who rams him from behind into the apron, his ribs cracking off of the cold steel of the ring, the Alpha World champion then sending Luger underneath the ropes after Tanaka.

On his knees, Bob gets blasted with a superkick by The Dragon Slayer who is back to his feet, Sukanov climbs up and into the ring where he is also greeted by a superkick but it doesn't even seem to affect him. The Russian Bear grabs Matsuda by his throat and rushes him into the corner, squashing him like a bug and then ripping him apart with clothesline after clothesline! Tanaka drops to the canvas like a piece of paper folding in on itself, gasping for air and scratching at the mat while he tries to escape from Guri's wrath.

Luckily for him the champion has turned his attention to Luger who is starting to stir around a bit, looking to regain his composure, but Sukanov is there to help him with that, yanking The Work Ethic Titan up to a vertical base and then tossing him with such ease clear across the ring, he lands with a thud right on top of Matsuda, forming a mangled mess of bodies in the far corner. The Ogre faces the crowd and roars with ferocity, bellowing out for every last fan to hear his war-cry. Bob and Matsuda use the ropes to get to their feet, looking at each other briefly, Luger points at Guri and nods his head, they stand side by side, and Bobby boy lunges forward, causing Tanaka to sprint out at the Alpha World champ as he thought that was the plan, but a wicked smirk on The Cardio Maniac's face tells of his sinister plan ...

He drops down and rolls out of the ring, making a run for the ramp, meanwhile The ULTIMATE One hits the back on Guri like a brick wall, sending himself wobbling backwards, he looks left and right all over for Bob, and then sees him at the top of the ramp, smiling like the villain that he is. Sukanov grabs a handful of Matsuda's hair, using his own head as a weapon, he bashes the RJPW T.V. champions face in, over and over and over ... Until blood is pouring down his face, then and only then does The Ogre tuck his prey between his legs, hoisting him up high into the air and then drilling him down into the middle of the ring with an earth-shattering powerbomb! A ringside worker nervously hands Guri his Alpha World championship and once more he stands wide and lets the entire world hear his mighty yell, Tanaka laying motionless all the while Luger licks his lips, the shot fading on him exiting to the back ... His work done for the night ...

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


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Re: The Ogre's Yard

Post by PREDICTION KING on Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:35 pm



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