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The one where the gang breaks DJ Moore's arm.

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The one where the gang breaks DJ Moore's arm.

Post by PREDICTION KING on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:57 pm

DJ Moore walks into the local Denver Bar, "Shaggy's". With the intentions to reunite with his brother, he quickly realizes that he may not be doing so when he walks into an empty bar. Things get even more serious when Xander Slate, Travis King, and Bob Luger walk out from the back. Then the door shuts behind him, with Borton standing in front of it.

DJ Moore
The fuck is this?

Not a word is spoken as they close in on him. He shakes his head, realizing now that the text message from an unknown number wasn't from Elijah with a new phone. It was all a setup. Now all he can do is either wait for the ass beating, or speed up the process by getting a few licks in first.

DJ Moore
Guess we're doing this.

He turns around and cracks Borton in the jaw before the other three pounce on him. The clubbing blows quickly become too much for him to handle and he falls to the ground where the group then revert to stomps. Covering every inch of his body, they stomp away as if he's a cardboard box they're trying to break down for the compactor.

Bob Luger

Luger steps aside while the others continue. He grabs a drink from the bar and takes a sip before walking back over to DJ.

Bob Luger
Get him up.

King and Borton do as instructed and both grab an arm, holding DJ up. He looks bout out of it. However, he can still see a blurred Luger standing there with a glass of whiskey.

Bob Luger

DJ.......you weren't meant to be a part of this....ya know....Randy here said he always liked you. But....we have to teach your boy a lesson. If he's not with us.....he's against us, and that doesn't always mean it's just him that's affected. No.....he brought you into this when he rejected a very logical offer. Until he gets his head out of his ass, arms gotta snap.

DJ shakes his head, faintly saying "no" as Luger flashes a wicked smile to show how far he's gone since turning his back on the fans.

Bob Luger
But....since it's not your fault that this is happening to you, I'll soften things up a bit. Here's a drink. Should numb the pain a tiny bit.

DJ shakes his head, refusing the drink as Luger just pours it on his closed lips, letting it spill to the ground.

Bob Luger
Look at that...I was trying to be nice....but you had to be rude and ruin some perfectly good whiskey.....

Bob smiles shaking his head. Then in an instant, his expression shifts and he's got a wild look in his eye. He busts the glass over DJ's head. King and Borton let go, letting him fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes. They all just laugh. So inhumane but to them, necessary.

Xander Slate
I'll get the chair.

Slate says in such a ordinary tone as if it's just an everyday task to break somebodies arm. Borton however is eager to do his favorite thing. He even sits in a chair stretching out his stomping leg while Slate retrieves the chair. The next part doesn't have to be described. They set it up as they usually do and then *SNAP*.

DJ Moore


He squirms on the ground in pain. Blood pouring from his face and his arm broken in half. He soon passes out from the pain as Luger and his bois simply shake their head at another victim of Elijah's bad decisions. As they all leave the bar, Slate drops a black t shirt on DJ's chest before following his brothers.


Elijah pulls up to the bar to see police and an ambulance lighting up the night with their flashing lights. He tilts his head in confusion considering he just got a text from what he thought was DJ Moore's new number. But he quickly understands what has happened when he see's an unconscious Moore being stretchered out. He steps out of his car to see him.

Elijah Stewart


Police Officer
Sir we're going to have to ask you to stay back.

Elijah Stewart
What happened?

Police Officer
Apparently a couple of guys cleared out the bar and jumped this poor lad. Broke his arm.

Elijah shakes his head, filled with rage.

Police Officer
Oh and I guess their apart of some gang. They left their insignia or t shirt on his chest.

He grabs the KLIQ shirt from the hood of his car to show Elijah. However, Elijah is done. He gets back in his car and follows the ambulance to the hospital.


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Re: The one where the gang breaks DJ Moore's arm.

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:57 pm

Fantastic work as always, man, really captured that raw emotion from Eli, love!

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