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Kingdom of Destruction XXVI: I seen it in my Dream

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Kingdom of Destruction XXVI: I seen it in my Dream

Post by HellishxHades on Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:52 am

As unmatched ends, a video is leaked to CMV.com. In it we see The European Champion George King walking through the backstage area. He looks up and see the camera. As he slowly staggers towards the camera, the devilish smirk that he has held on to, has disappeared. He looks into the camera.

George King:
As I walk into the Valley of the Shadows of Death. I don’t fear evil. I don’t fear Sinister. I don’t fear 10|EL. I don’t fear, Handcock, I don’t fear Waite, I don’t fear anyone. I am the King of CMV. But every Kingdom must fall, for that is the cruel passage of time. My Kingdom, cracks have formed at the foundation. My reign as King, may be ending soon. But that doesn’t mean I am not gonna fight it to the very end.
I don’t fear evil. I don’t fear anyone. I fear myself. I seen it in my dreams. This kingdom is all I have left, and I see that it is ending soon. I see that no matter what I say or do, It will die come Sunday. For once the King falls so does the Kingdom.



Im sorry that the Kingdom I built from the ground up, will crumble this Sunday. For I have seen. The king will lye dead in the middle of the ring, and his two must trust worthly friends will die by his side, unwilling to let him rest in the darkness of the ring. Joe… Max… If my dream comes true. Don’t follow me to your death.
But til then. I am still the King of CMV. I wont stop on my journey until I am dead. Sunday, I will walk into that Chamber, I will defeat Fate it self, and walk out still the King of CMV.

George staggers down  the corridor to his locker room.

Crowe - Anarchy Championship. /  Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Tyler Endicot - Rising Star Championship
Joe Dirte - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
Maximum Rider - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) 
George King - NGW Championship - Final  /  NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) /   European Championship / Television Championship 
Tyson Cage - Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Bickering Duo)
Angelina Hawkins - Women's Intercontinental Championship 2x
Caleb Reed: Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Jon Reed: Anarchy Championship
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