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Goodbye Skarsgaurd.

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Goodbye Skarsgaurd.

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:36 pm

RGP stands in that same dimly lit room as the weeks before. This time, covered in fresh blood. As if he dumped an entire bucket on his head. It still drips from the tip of his nose as he raises his head up, staring into the camera. His eyes glaring into the souls of the viewers.

Roderick G Pullerman
The Gael's power was underestimated. I will bare that mistake as a nasty scar for the rest of my life. But don't his victory doesn't mean I lost. He only managed to postpone his ultimate demise.

His glare still pierces through me, forcing me to write this promo instead of watching the Super Bowl.

Roderick G Pullerman
I learned that he's not week, but afraid. Which can make a man very.....very dangerous. But, the next time we meet, I won't fall. I'll break through his barrier and smite him down.

He looks to the ground, before raising his head once more, arching his brow in the process.

Roderick G Pullerman
Gael is later on. Cyberslam I step into Skarsguard's world. I get to experience the torturous vibe from the man who chose to target me after my encounter with Yume.

He tilts his head, showing his first smile since joining CMV.

Roderick G Pullerman
You don't normally see the victims hunt down the monsters. You don't usually see a man write his own fate and await the reaper to sign it. Yet that's what he's done. He gets to dance with the devil. He gets the chance to conquer the demon. Little does he know, it was never his world to begin with. It's mine. The moment I signed on the dotted line and that bell rang triggering my official arrival, guys like Yume, Gael, and.....Skarsguard, their time was numbered. I seek, and I destroy those who stand in my way of fulfilling my destiny of being the best. Everywhere I go, I leave a trail of broken souls behind me. I don't have vices. I don't have unpopular opinions on the prizes. Nor do I have a chip on my shoulder. I'm beyond all that.

He raises his hands, looking at the stained blood on his palms.

Roderick G Pullerman
It doesn't matter how, but everybody loses to Roderick......G.......Pullerman. If they were destined to be successful in the end, our paths would of never crossed. Skarsguard......Cyberslam......I will wear your blood as a suit of armor. Sunday, I couldn't help but to lick my lips at the sight of my own blood. It reminded me of where you needed to be. It reminded me, that Skarsguard is finished. It's written.

He holds out his arms and leans his head back, taking a deep breath before quickly staring back at the camera and in a hushed tone, saying...

Roderick G Pullerman


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Re: Goodbye Skarsgaurd.

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:49 am


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