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Is It Over?

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Is It Over?

Post by HardlineOyster on Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:41 am

As Genesis #111 comes back from commercial break, the scene opens up in Marcantels locker room, as he is shown sitting in a chair, while listening to a recording of Bob Luger on commentary from last week's Genesis. The Hellhounds facial expression can sum up his emotions, as he has a sad, confused look while he listens to the recording.

Bob Luger
Who was that guy with no eyebrows? Didn't he beat Marcantel?!? You can say it all you want, but  he ain't coming back. He's Done!!

That one line keeps playing over and over, "He's Done!!!" "He's Done!!!" Marcantel then starts clawing at his head, as his own dark, twisted imagination begins to fill his head with false voices; however, Marcantel thinks the voices, and what they say, are real.

Your Career is over---You have always been a failure!!!----You will never be a world champion!!----CMV never needed You.----YOU.....ARE.....DONE!!!!

The stressed and emotional Marcantel then gets up out of the chair and walks off screen, ending the segment.


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