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Interview With ''The New Jersey Eye Candy'' Casey Watson

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Interview With ''The New Jersey Eye Candy'' Casey Watson

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:12 pm

Lisa Evans:

''Ladies And Gentleman We Are Back With Another CMV.Com Exclusive On This Occasion Iam Joined By Newly Announced Signing To The Ferocity Brand, Please Welcome Casey Watson, Casey What Do You Bring To The Table Now Your Here In CMV?''

Casey Watson:

What Do I Bring...
*Casey Stops Mid Sentence Seemingly Disgusted At What She Was Just Asked, She Smirks Turns Her Head Away From The Camera Quietly Laughing To Herself Before Ferociously Snatching The Mic From The Interviewer*
What Do I Bring To The Table?, What Do I Offer? What Does Casey Watson Offer That No Other Vixen Does? Well I Mean It Really Dosent Take A Genius, LOOK AT ME! One Glance And Even The Most Mentality Inept Members Of The CMV Audience And Those Watching At Home Can Quickly Come To There Senses. Iam The New Jersey Eye Candy, NEW JERSEYS NUMBER ONE... Soon To Rightfully Recognised As Not Only CMV's NUMBER ONE But WOMENS WRESTLINGS...NUMBER....ONE.

Casey Watson:

Now Every One Here In This Lockeroom Proclaims Themselves To Be A 'Queen' Or A 'Goddess' Well How Ironic It Shall Be When They Are The Ones Bending The Knee Before Me, Because Tick Tock Goes The Clock As We Speak Lisa. Every Hour, Every Minute, Every Second We Draw Nearer To The BIGGEST MOST APPREHENDED DEBUT IN CMV HISTORY. This Lisa Was Not To Inflate My Ego And Big Myself Up To Be Something Im Not, It Was a Notice A WARNING To The Vixen's Lockeroom. Nancy Hurt, Quinne-Belle, Cassie Maverick All Of You Back There Peel Your Ears And Listen. I Dont Care How Tall You Are, What Title You Hold, Or The Legacy You Have Established, Because The Future Is Very Much Now. This Pitiful Division Needs A Face Lift, And A Face Lift You Shall All Receive, But Please. I Beg, I Plead, I URGE YOU...Not To Take My Word For it But see For Your Own Eyes Once I Arrive. Cos When I Do Lisa There Will Be No Debate, This CASE Will Be CLOSED...

*A Confident Watson Drops The Mic Before Heading Over Grabbing The Camera From One Of The Production Crew And Kissing The Lens Before Walking Off*[

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