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I just don't feel like it.

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I just don't feel like it.

Post by Gumble on Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:35 am

Genesis comes back from commercial break and a familiar theme plays through the PA system. The crowd let out a audible sigh as RHYS MATTHEWS struts on to the stage his mouth pursed in a conceited smirk. He twirls making sure his shirt is visible to every member of the CMV universe, straightening it out before continuing to the timekeeper's area, he stands staring at the timekeeper before reaching out his hand and clearing his throat loudly.

Rhys Matthews


The timekeeper seems confused as he looks around not knowing what to do, Rhys stands his ground clearing his throat once more louder.


His eyes pierce through the nervous timekeeper as he looks around once again. Frustrated, Matthews has had enough!


The timekeeper finally fumbles nervously and pulls out a microphone from his desk he holds it for a short moment before it gets snatched out of his hands by the former undisputed champion.

"Hey, thanks!"

Rhys smiles and ruffles the timekeeper's bald spot before retracting his hand quickly with a look of disgust on his face...

"Ew, sweat..."

He looks at his hand in revulsion before walking over to the barricade and wiping it on the nearest fan's shirt. The section of fans boo as Rhys smirks once more and rolls into the ring, mic in hand.

"Well, Hi there!"

The crowd boo, not falling for the nice guy routine they've seen a hundred times before.

"Aww, come on guys, remember I AM a former UNDISUPUTED CHAMPIOOOON!"

The sound of 14,000 simultaneous eye rolls echo throughout the stadium.

"Now, now... Be Nice, I'm not actually here to talk about being a former UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, I'm here to talk about... the Kliq."

The CMV universe show their derision for the group that's been running rampant on Genesis for a couple of months now.

"You know, I've had fun beating up these little dweebs with a couple of other CHAMPIONS, but it gets old quick, I really had something going for me before joining them and I feel like i'm just a number in this stupid war..."

A couple of the crowd cheer sensing what Rhys is getting at...

"I want to, NO I NEED TO leave this group..."

The crowd bursts into cheers...


The crowd stops cheering instantly, booing the total package.


The crowd are torn, on one hand they hate the Kliq but at least when he was a member he was in the background not saying much... Rhys leaving means they have to hear word of his ignorance more and more. Half are cheering and half are booing. Rhys waits patiently in the ring for the crowd to settle tapping his foot as his eyes trail up to the ceiling, daydreaming about the Undisputed Championship, He snaps out of it realising the crowd has quietened down.

"So Kliq, guys, I know you do that whole 'You're either with us or against us schtick' but what do you say? Wanna let me slide past it? Wanna look the other way just this once?"

The arena is silent, the crowd waiting for the Kliq theme to hit at any moment... but it doesn't come.

"That's great! I just don't feel like it anymore guys, well and you added that oaf Travis King and I am not sharing a locker room with that idiot, he can't even wrestle..."

The crowd make some ambient noises still waiting for the Kliq theme to hit...

"I'm glad you guys aren't making a big deal out of this, It's nothing personal, I just feel like i'm BIGGER than this, you know? Like i'm destined for greater things! But hey, if you want to grab a slice of pineapple pizza sometime just uh, give me a call, my treat!

Rhys smiles once more as the crowd groan not liking the choice of topping and Matthews' attitude in general as the...

1) Cameras fade to black.
2) Kliq theme plays (open to the Kliq, idc if you respond or not, just wanted to give you a chance, don't injure my caw.)

Told you I was going to leave Smile

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Re: I just don't feel like it.

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:52 am

Just as Rhys was looking to take his leave from the ring, half of this crowd finally get what they were waiting for while the other half boos even louder, Xander Slate and Randy Borton, the CMV World Tag Team champions, making their way out onto the stage from the gorilla position. To many people's surprise though, they're both smiling, despite the fact that they just lost one of their good brothers, Matthews reciprocating with a grin of his own, happy to see that his old pals are understanding of his choice. As the champs make it it to the ring though, mics already in hand, their demeanor changes slightly, Slate standing in front of Rhys while Borton moves behind him. The OG Dirty Heel slaps Matthews on the shoulder, nodding his head slowly before brining the mic up to his lips, pausing briefly with a small sigh.


Buddy, we DO get it!

Rhys is relieved to hear that, turning to look back at Randy who gives him two thumbs up.


We understand, that what you said is true, you're either WITH us ... Or AGAINST us ...

A small rumble makes its way throughout the audience, most of them feeling what's about to come next, even Rhys has a sneaking suspicion as he gulps and shakes his head from side to side, saying softly, "come on now ..."


... No exceptions, pal ...

Matthews pleads with Xander, then turning around once again to do so with Borton, but instead gets some SWEET MOO MUSIC!!! Rhys stumbles into the Clean Slate by Xander!!! The Total Package is laid out in the center of the ring, the fans yet again split down the middle, half cheering while the other half boos ferociously.


I mean, PINEAPPLE on pizza!? Are you for real, like, any topping and that's what you pick??? FRUIT does not belong on a delicious pie like that, what a freak, I mean, I knew you were bad news from the start, oh my god, I hate you.

Slate pulls on his partner's arm, stopping him from continuing his rant, The Show then looking down at the unconscious Rhys with absolute disgust in his eyes.


Stupid idiot!

Their theme song then hits the PA system a second time, the good brothers each stepping on Matthews' chest to make their way out of the ring, the shot fading on the former Undisputed champion's motionless body ...

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Re: I just don't feel like it.

Post by PREDICTION KING on Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:34 pm

NGL hate that you didn't want to be apart of it, but i'm still a big fan of this new persona.


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Re: I just don't feel like it.

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