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The Shortcut To Victory

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The Shortcut To Victory

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:33 pm

*after being cheated out of a victory Bishop Cunningham is met backstage by Unmatched correspondant Scott Lawson*

Lawson: Bishop, although its not the return you were hoping for, welcome back to Unmatched. What are your thoughts on what went down out there?

Bishop: Look here man, I come back from a short break, feeling the effects of that triple threat a few weeks back you know, and we were having a nice little fight but then Archer Vaughn, the man who claims to have "the key to victory" takes a shortcut once the going got tough. That ain't no "key to victory", far as I'm concerned if you have to take shortcuts my friend, in my book you ain't nothing but a coward. Somebody needs to teach this boy some manners, so I'm demmanding a rematch with Archer Vaughn, and boy you try to take any shortcuts again you ain't gonna walk away again like you did tonight, Im'a knock the taste right outta your mouth you feel me? So Vaughn I'll see you again boy, and you best be ready for a fight.

*Bishop walks off as Lawson brings us back to ringside*

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