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Post by Miztacular on Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:32 am

After receiving their brand spanking new CMV World Tag Team Championships, both Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley and Jacob Ziegler turn to each other. They take a look at one another, and then down at their belts and then back at each other. Hayden lets out a mocking smirk as he extends his hand out towards Ziegler, perhaps gesturing for a handshake... Hayden looks around the crowd with an over-exaggerated smile on his face while Ziegler on the other hand pulls back with a look of disgust on his face. As Ziegler steps back, Hayden nods his head, insisting the Scotsman shake his hand. After several moments of contemplation Jacob Ziegler slowly reaches out to shake the hand of his impromptu tag team partner, the current CMV Undisputed Champion, Hayden Kiteley. But at the very last second Hayden pulls his hand away running it through his hair with a cocky smile on his face. Ziegler, annoyed that he's just been played, rolls his eyes, letting out a sigh of disgust before turning away from Hayden making his way across the ring, leaving through the ropes before hopping down to the floor. He begins to make his way up the ramp towards the back leaving Hayden in hysterics in the center of the ring. After Ziegler walks through the curtain, gone from view, the laughing from the CMV Undisputed Champion stops as he walks to the far side of the ring, gesturing for a microphone to be passed his way from the timekeepers area.

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley:
Hey! And the other belt... I'm not getting it, that's your job, not mine.

The timekeeper gets up from his seat once again, retrieving the Undisputed Championship and passing it over to it's holder. Hayden darts a sarcastic looking smug ass smile his way before walking towards the center of the ring, strapping up the World Tag Team Championship around his waist and leaving the Undisputed Championship high on his shoulder for the world to see.

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley:
Now I know what you're all thinking. Why did I come out here with Ziegler tonight, I hate him, why did I come out here to win the World Tag Team Championships tonight, you hate Tag Team Belts. Well, there is a sound reasoning for all of that, you see. There's one thing I hate more than both Ziegler and Tag Team Belts, COMBINED! You know what that is? Disrespect! Duh..

Sampson up in here acting like he gave me everything, acting like I'm not single handedly carrying this shows ratings week in week out. Sure you gave me a Title shot upon my return. But getting a Title shot is one thing, but WINNING IT? In 5 minutes, like I did? Well that's a whole other story. So let's get this straight Sampson. I come back, I save your show, I make it the A-Show once again.

And what do you do?

You threaten me with pitiful stars from the past coming to take my belt? Pfft, like that's a threat. You can big up Bison all you want, but like I told you all in the buildup, I tapped him out three years ago and I did it again last week. In record time too. You see Sampson you can bring back all these age old legends to come and try to take my belt, knowing full well none of these new guys can get the job done. But they'll keep coming, and they'll keep tapping. You hyped Bison up like he was gods greatest gift, and he crumbled like everybody else before him, and everybody else after him. I am the only man on this brand, in this company, deserving of holding the CMV Undisputed Championship. Hell, nobody else relevant on this brand even talks. I don't need to put in the hours standing out here in front of all of you, talking, promoting. But I do it anyway, what does it get me? Disrespect and threats from the boss. Well he can threaten me all he likes, because nobody is coming in this ring, standing toe to toe with me and taking this Championship. I never lost it clean two years ago, and I won't lose it any time soon.

Hayden lowers his microphone briefly as chants of "Andrew Briggs" rain down upon him from the CMV Universe, Hayden lets out a slight chuckle from under his breath in response before silencing the crowd, cutting them off by speaking into his microphone.

Hayden "Showtime" Kiteley:
Andrew Briggs? Is that really the next best thing you all can think of? Andrew Briggs is a tale of mediocrity hiding in his big sisters shadow. You'll tell me he's a former Light Heavyweight Champion... Which is cool I guess. But I'm also a light heavyweight, except unlike Andrew Briggs, I can win a belt that actually matters. Not some pity belt made for people who use their "size" as an excuse to not win the big one. So he can come after me next month, hell, whoever the number one contenders for these bloody tag team belts are can come at me too, but they'll all fall like the rest. We can make it a 3 on 2 handicap match, all the belts on the line. Although if it's anything like tonight it'll pretty much be 3 on 1. Because just we expected I had to carry little old Ziegler to his first ACTUAL win this season.

In fact. That's the perfect way to run it all back to those questions you probably all have in your head. Why? Why did I team with him, why didn't I just leave him high and dry tonight. Well lemme tell you why.

People, I'm not dumb, I'm not stupid. It was Johnny Sampsons plan to make me look like the bad guy, putting me in a stipulation I'd hate more than anything so I wouldn't show up. He wants to find any reason he can to take this belt off of me in a way that leaves him in the clear. But I saw right through those games, so I came out here tonight, tagged with that bum you saw walking off into the sunset with a belt I won for him, the only belt he'll be seeing this season. I did it all, just to make Sampson the fool, because now, he's just given the two men on this brand that he hates the most, even more power. Because guess what, I'm the double Champ, the first ever two time double champ, and the double, double champ does whatever the hell he wants. Bring on the contenders and I'll bring on the punishment but at the end of the day, whether it's the Tag Team Championships or the Undisputed Belt on the line, you'll be hearing the words "And Still" coming out of that commentators mouth at the end of the night. God put 7 billion people on this earth ladies and gentlemen, but absolutely none of them are as good as Hayden Kiteley. Andrew Briggs, at Sacrifice, you'll be standing across the ring from the the very best, I got the biggest arms, I got the biggest charm and I'm dishing out all the harm. Like I said, we can make it three on one, two on one, one on one, but one things certain I'll be making all of you dial 9, 1, 1...

Hayden drops the microphone down to the mat as his theme hits the PA once again. He walks over to the near side of the ring, raising the Undisputed Championship high up in the air for the entire world to see before turning around to face the hard camera, he lets off a cheeky wink as the camera begins to fade to black, thus ending this edition of Monday Night Fusion.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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Post by Maurie on Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:55 am


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Post by Mr. Dashing on Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:30 am

Too spicy for me boss

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